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    The Ocean Master Jigging Reels reels are a private-label, different color, version of the "Talos NTS" series of reels made by "Omoto" (a Taiwanese company), I'm fairly certain. You can go here to see the Omoto version:

    Omoto claims to sell their reels through a dealer network under their own brand, but the single "official dealer" that is listed in the U.S. only has a --non-commercial-- email address, a phone number, and the word "Adidea" shown on the "Dealers" map. That doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in me personally.

    They also supply their products to various resellers not found on their website. I found several sellers on Amazon & eBay, and another online tackle shop or two that sold some of their products (labeled as "Talos" or "Talos EX") under the Omoto name.

    The "Talos NTS" versions of the reel, on the other hand, are nowhere to be found --except for BPS's equivalent Ocean Master Jigging Reels. I believe that is because the "Talos [EX]" reels are older versions, while the "Talos NTS" is a newer version (it appears in the 2017 Omoto catalog, but not the 2016-2017 edition).

    What's the main difference between the older "Talos" & "Talos EX" (which seems to be a "wide" version of the narrower "Talos" reels) and the "Talos NTS"? The "Talos NTS" reels are geared a little higher than the older "Talos [EX]" reels, and they are, I believe the narrowest version of that reel series that Omoto offers, one that is designed to augment the older series with a reel that better serves jiggers.

    There are two concerns I have related to the reels:

    (1) There is very little info online (that I could find, at least) regarding usage reports or reviews by actual anglers. That makes it hard to get an idea of the fit, finish, and reliability one could expect from the products.

    (2) I assume that if one of the Ocean Master Jigging Reels failed during the warranty period BPS would simply replace it with a new one. But what would happen after the warranty expired? Would BPS have to send the reel back to Taiwan to be repaired? Or is there some sort of central service/repair facility located here in the U.S.? And the same concerns apply even if the reel is bought with an Omoto label on it.

    (3) As far as (1) (above) goes, given the relatively low cost of the reels and the small amount of generally positive info I ran across during my searches I think I'm just going to take a chance and buy 2 of the OM12N's at the BPS about 20 minutes away (in Port St. Lucie, FL).

    (4) Regarding (2) I plan to contact the U.S. "dealer", BPS, and Omoto to see if I can get any additional info related to parts/service. Maybe that will raise my confidence level a little bit.

    It would be nice if the reels turned out to be decent products, but I'll just have to wait and see...they do look solid and well-built, but who knows what's really under the covers?
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    Since my post in July I switched to 50lb jerry brown braid from the 30lb I previously used. Increased the strike drag to 18 pounds. Still no problems.
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    anyone have the schematics?
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    How about part availability with out that what do you have.
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    Looks like a rebadged Ducro 10/12 Reel to me, I have used those Ducro 10s for years and had no trouble with them except for a bearing go in the handle knob, had it serviced a few times and the guys who did the service always remarked on what a good little Reel that is, you should have no problems with it as long as you flush it each trip, the finish coating is not that robust I found, tight lines mate
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    I have no doubt they're the same --or very similar-- reels (and, except for the "paint job" the Omoto Talos NTS is the same as well), but I think it's the other way around: The manufacturer is Omoto, I'm almost certain, and they actually private label the reels for both Ocean Master/BPS & Ducro (as well as other re-sellers)...

    For example, search (I utilized a version of the Google search engine in the U.S.) for "Ducro reels" or "Ducro 10". There are a few 3rd parties that provide parts, a number of YouTube videos of the products, and a few online tackle shops that sell the Ducros's, but there is no website for Ducro to be found (at least I couldn't locate one). Ducro appears to be a re-seller that distributes private-labeled versions of reels provided to them by Omoto --mostly (exclusively?) in Australia/New Zealand.

    Search for "Omoto reels", on the other hand, and right at the top of the results list there is a "real", functioning, and pretty comprehensive Omoto website (Taiwanese), complete with detailed product info/specs/pics, a dealer map, contact info, and a full catalog.

    In addition, as a quick "reality check" I searched on both Amazon & eBay (the U.S. websites): There were plenty of Omoto's to be found on both sites, but not a single Ducro.
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    OK, I bought 2 of the Ocean Master OM12N reels a few days ago.

    All I can say is: "Wow!"

    The fit/finish/function (so far) of these Taiwanese reels is as good (or better) as any I have ever run across (on the other hand, I just returned 2 American-made Accurate Fury FX-600XNGS reels because they sounded like a "pepper-grinder" when I spun them with the handle).

    I can turn the handle (at any speed I choose) and the reels are so quiet it's almost unnerving. The anti-reverse system is a work of art, and just using a quick ThumbTest (c) the drags seem to be very smooth and exceptionally easy to adjust. So, as far as a "right-out-of-the-box" experience this definitely rates up at the top.

    Only time will tell regarding the reliability and fish-ability of these reels, but from what I've seen so far my expectations are pretty high.

    I am ordering a pair of the OM14N's as soon as I finish this post...