Z6500 saltiga expedition spool

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by spiderhitch, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. spiderhitch

    spiderhitch Senior Member

    i was wondering,the saltiga z6500 spools look very similar to the saltiga z6000
    and z6000 gt spools are the spools interchangeable? i'm looking to more line capacity and bump up the line strenght to 80lb.
  2. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    You're in luck. APS has the z6500 (non expedition/non dog fight spools) in stock that will match your z6000/z6000gt, here you go:

    Angler's Pro Shop

    and yes, the expedition/dogfights are same as standard z6000/z6000gt with deeper spool, different colors, and different handle knob.

  3. spiderhitch

    spiderhitch Senior Member

    that just made my day,thanks for the site info.