your thoughts on fins prt ?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by my03, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. my03

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    Hey guys, i'm going on a boat to target marlin on spin tackle, I have a stella 20 000 fa spool and hoping to spool it up with some fins prt 60lb. I already have the fins from a previous purchase and was wondering if you guys think the line will be up for it? Obviously i dont want any room for failure as there maybe be 10kg of drag and a fair bit of distance.

    What do you guys think of fins prt?

    Thanks and tight lines
  2. Bill Fisher

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    Hey guys, i'm going on a boat to target marlin on spin tackle

    i hope it's only white, striped, or rat blues you're after

  3. gman

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    Several people have caught Marlin on spin tackle. Personally I've jigged a striped Marlin on a butterfly jig and caught several others on poppers of Cabo. I know whacker and Mr Bill caught several big marlin on spinning gear as well off Panama

    65 is the right choice for line capacity dont know what fins is though. Marlin fishing IMHO is more about the captain managing your line for you as they constantly run away from you so with a good boat you can be successful
  4. my03

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    hey guys, currently encountering 160-250 pound fish, but u cant really choose which fish you hook so you might be have a few failed attempts.

    reason why is to try something different, and to think outside the box, i want to target them casting lures, such as stickbaits, poppers etc. For those that have caught them, what do you think is the best lures? poppers or stickbaits? would you recomend a faster retrieve, or just normal retrieves like popping for tuna? or slower to get a strike? For those that have caught them on lures, is it a case of gettem them to colour up from teasers and then switch baiting? or are you just casting out randomly,

    as for leader length, for those that have targeted marlin on spin tackle, whats the minimum length of leader you would use and how heavy?

    as for fins braid, just dont want to leave anything to chance and make sure everything is 100%

  5. parrothead

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    I've used it. It's a little heavy on the wax. But once that comes off, you're good to go. I'd rather have Jerry Brown or Power Pro. But Fins will work fine.