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  1. tunacrazy

    tunacrazy Senior Member

    Has anyone used this leader,is it any good? I have always used seaguar. It seems to be good but if a person could save a few bucks that would be alright too.
  2. Jason4606

    Jason4606 Tuna Club member

    Yes and I like it...

  3. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    I switched to Yo back in the spring and haven't missed a beat. I like it, it seems to be more plyable. I also don't like the new seguar. For deep water I just use regular Ande mono, and it does just fine and is way cheaper.
  4. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    i use yozuri of all of my floro under 50 lbs. i love it. i havent used the heavier stuff just because i have never seen it around. i actually found a lot of the smaller poundage for cheap and bought it all!
  5. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    i use 60, 80, and 100 lb. good stuff. it is softer than seaguar flouro. i use both with no problems at all
  6. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    I am going to use regular ANDE 80/100 test mono on my next trip to test differences. Last trip I had blackwater FC and fisherman stealth and noticed no difference in bites. If I notice no bite you can sure bet I will change leader. =)
  7. rhale

    rhale Senior Member

    i use 60, 80, and 100 lb. good stuff. it is softer than seaguar flouro. i use both with no problems at all

    It might be softer in lighter line but I use it in 200 and 300 pound and find it to be much stiffer than seaguar.
    Also had a friend use it for chunking and side by side the seaguar got alot more action, so much more that he switched half way through the night.
  8. Formula4Fish

    Formula4Fish Senior Member

    A couple weeks ago on the "Big E" I used an 80# Yozuri HyBrid Fluorocarbon wind-on that I got from JAK in Kona. After a few hours of jigging it developed a terrible curl in it that was so bad it was difficult to tie knots in it.

    The bad news is, I have five more of them. I'm going back to Momoi Diamond wind-ons.
  9. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    i like the fisherman stealth leader. it is not fluorocarbon so it is much cheaper. it is so soft, tying a knot with 130lb is no problem.

    that being said, if i were going to jig or pop for tuna in the daytime, I would probably use FC.

    the only time during the night i'd use FC is if i was baitfishing. for jigging and popping at night i don't think it really gives much of an advantage. i dont think its a disadvantage at all, but the difference is price is pretty substantial. plus i'm not skilled enough with knots to tie 80+lb fluorocarbon very well!
  10. Angler Systems

    Angler Systems Senior Member

    Great product and in the 100 yard spools it is a sweet deal. We use the 20lb inshore and 50lb & 80lb offshore.
  11. Tunahunter

    Tunahunter Guest

    Good price at Angler Systems. I bought a 100 yards of yozuri pink. Went on a charter with Capt. William Wall out of Grand Isle 4 tuna and that is what he uses.