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    In California , SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, We have some ISLANDS ,SAN CLEMENTE, (uninhabited), and CATALINA, (VERY NICE TO VISIT). Both are reasonably close , about 6-10 hours away at 10 knots. We fish what is called YO-YO jig fishing. A heavy 3 oz. ( THAT'S A HEAVY ONE IN CALIFORNIA ) Brand named = SALAS 6X "IRON" jig. (they are made out of a cement like material actualy.So we call them Irons...) With a med. sized 10/o treble hook on the tail end. YO -YO METHOD : DROP the jig free falling down in the water. No need to toss out or cast, just let it fall as fast as possible. If you can ; to the depth where the fish are holding. Sometimes all the way to the bottom, unless your out way deep, this usually works quite well, then put your reel in gear, and wind up as fast as you can, no kidding, really fast !!! A 2-SPEED REEL WORKS BEST IN THE LONG RUN, OR A HIGHER GEARED RATIOAT LEAST . This goes on until the jig is nearing the surface or up 60 feet , this all depends on where the fish are at. All the way to the surface , but usually not. Just 60 ft. off the bottom, then stop / let drop fast / hit bottom / put in gear / wind up fast ,fast ,fast. If you get bit , and you will eventually ,you keep winding !!!THATS HOW WE FISH SOMETIMES !!!Thanks for your time buddy !!
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    Hey bunile,

    You described how I go after Amber Jack here with jigs.

    The anticipation of when you suddenly can't reel anymore is a kick!

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    It's always amazing how strong a fish can pull on line with a hook attatched to it's mouth or in it's gut's (ouch!) But, I'll be danged if sometimes that's how they get away !!! If I lose one or two I know that they are freedom fighter fish. !!! Too many and I'm just doing something 1/2- assed !! It's not always the size of the fish in the fight ; It's the size of the fight in the fish !!!
    (Misqouted again, sorry !!! ed.)
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    Yo Bunile,

    Check your PM. I sent you one a while back.