Yellowfin, mahi and wahoo in Japan!

Discussion in 'Kayak Fishing' started by philr21, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Thought I posted it before but don't see it anymore. Last summer I was fortunate enough to land a beautiful wahoo and a 63lb yellowfin from my kayak, first weekend of having a new kayak (upgrade from 2003 Hobie Outback to a 2015). Anyway, if you hadn't seen the video, enjoy. Need to watch full screen in HD in order to make the tuna boils out, GoPro on wide doesn't do well for items far away.

  2. Cabanaboy

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    That's a great video The rod/ gaft management seems tough sometimes on a kayak. Nice catch.
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  3. fishbones

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    Cool vid phil congrats
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  4. philr21

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  5. Tagdog

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    Very nice! There just are no Tuna within paddling distance here in Texas. One day though.
  6. duntonsdragons

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    Awesome. Where was this? Is your PDF comfortable with the vantage seats? I've heard the high back pfd's are super uncomfortable with the new seats. Any truth to that? In picking up a TI in May and could use some insight. Thanks!
  7. philr21

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    This is in Sagami bay, Japan. Mahi are plentiful in summer but wahoo are extremely rare, tuna almost never within kayak range. Lucky catches.

    PFD is fine for me with the Vantage seat, I don't notice it most days. I'll probably switch to an inflatable during the summer though as I was fairly toasty last year in the regular. I don't mind the extra warmth and wind protection in winter though.
  8. IVW

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    Excellent video and congrats for the great selection of fish! That YFT is very close to shore. Do you know what was the water depth?
  9. John Mckroid

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    Nice Wahoo and YFT! I wish we could just put out a rapala to catch those in my area, usually need live bait. I have always thought of Japan as hard fished, and am surprised to see good quality fish so close to shore. Those distant jumping YFTs are when you wish you were shooting in 4K so that a zoom in would look sharp. Well done video!
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    How was the weather there.