Yankee Capt/Halfway Ledge?

Discussion in 'JiggingWorld.com' started by Tarpun, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Snaphappy

    Snaphappy Senior Member

    No we left on Sunday. Couldn’t get any fish by the sharks at night or we would’ve been full way early. Still filled the back and had fish in the front.
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  2. Salty Bones

    Salty Bones Well-Known Member

    We encounter the sharks up this way every once and a while. Nothing too crazy. But man, the sharks out your way, damn them to hell!! I personally lost 3 good quality fish to them this past trip. Some of those sharks are friggin huge!!! I wonder if they're getting smarter or its just an over abundance of them.
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  3. jiggingnut

    jiggingnut Junior member

    Smarter & Over Abundance...learning to follow the boat for Easy meal, and there’s so many of them. Not to mention Flipper does the same trick. Environmentalists want rec fisherman to give up the sport.
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  4. Snaphappy

    Snaphappy Senior Member

    Both. I think there are an over abundance of them and they are getting trained. Easy meals...
  5. Snaphappy

    Snaphappy Senior Member

    I could’ve saved the time to post if o would’ve read your comment first. For the last year it seems like they have been worse every trip. Fortunately only at night this trip. I lost 14 of 18 fish in just a few hours to them so I hit the rack. Thankfully the fishing was great during the day with much less shark issues.
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  6. Salty Bones

    Salty Bones Well-Known Member

    A few of the guys were telling me about a group of dolphins out there that would go down and steal their fish and bring it back to the surface and mess around with it while they watched. I think that's more disrespectful then the damn sharks! Lol
  7. redgarvey

    redgarvey Member

    That's fecking hilarious! Standing on deck with $1000 SPJ setup and Flipper just spit water at you after eating your fish. LOLs
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  8. benwah22

    benwah22 Well-Known Member

    You should have seen when a dude hooked one on an electric, the thing was literally smoking. . .
  9. RevPDP

    RevPDP Well-Known Member

    Do they have a brick and mortar store? I'd like to pay them a visit to see what have?
  10. Tarpun

    Tarpun Junior member

    They do have a retail store in Pompano Beach. Google them and you can get their address and an idera of what they have. Very helpful and easy to deal with. I know the have a lot of experience on the YC as well as SE Florida.
  11. jon holsenbeck

    jon holsenbeck Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot, Red!! I got a little lazy and broke off one fish and I guess that's what I'll be known for!! JK!! Since this is a Jigging World forum, one of my favorite jigs is the JW 141. I would drop the jig toward the bottom while thumbing the spool and sometimes the jig never made it to the bottom. This happened on two trips, once with tuna and once with red snapper. They worked well while actually jigging too. I now have six 300 and three 215g JW141 jigs and might get some more!!!
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  12. tugasangler

    tugasangler Fishing Guru

    a classic that’s sold out a lot of times for that very reason. When the current is medium or sea anchor used it’s a very successful jig
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