Yankee Capt first timer - questions and advice

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    Hi All

    Sadly not been on the forum for quite sometime. This year I am going to try the yankee Capt and had some questions (yes I used the search function but could not find my info)

    Again if there is a link to a thread which is a beginners guide to fishing the yankee Capt that I missed please post it below :)

    Aim is to fill the freezer - I am happy to bait, slow pitch or speed jig (all or some)

    Electric reels do not appeal to me in the slightest so if a trip spends the entire time in water so deep those are needed I would pass.

    Time of year doesnt matter to me - just would prefer an emptier boat (limited trips are in budget but I didnt see those on their website)

    Questions - some will be stupid so please be forgive me :)

    Rail spots - does it matter. normally both ends fill up first and then everyone else in the middle. Can you jig from the same spot you bait fish or do you have to move spots. Personally I would prefer the back of the boat as I get less sick back there then the front.

    2) Regarding bait they mention catching it on the way down is that just to have fresh bait over frozen but its still going down dead.

    3) tackle - I have nothing (well I have one speed jig setup but thats it) So would be buying a bunch of stuff. How many setups is over kill?

    Looking for setup advice (is a trolling setup worth getting for the chug out/in)

    any of the slow pitch kings here who have fished that trip before and would recommend a yankee capt setup based on the grounds and fish normally fished for i.e. line/rod/lures etc budget can be up to $1000 for that
    Good bait rod set ups also appreciated budge less for that / I can rent that on the boat

    Any pro tips / I wish I knew that before I went. Would be great

    again feel free to pm me directly of if you know of a thread with this info in please post t below but I could not really find a yankee Capt 101

  2. tugasangler

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    1.) better for bait in the back than the front but you can fish what you like anywhere. The bait rods have more lead so a jig not fished responsibly or correctly may cause tangles.

    2.) fresh dead then on ice is always better than frozen baits for obvious reasons

    3.) 2 bottom rods - jig rod - pitch bait rod

    4.) trolling set up is not worth it to purchase for this trip. These days the sea anchor is used and because of its set up not much trolling goes on. As a result I wouldn’t tell someone to spend the money a proper trolling set up for the boat would cost because you could literally have gone on another trip instead of it .

    5.) Ocea jigger 2000nrhg .. which ever color 30lb yozuri braid .... innovate mh or h ... the jigs are whatever you’re into in 200-400g

  3. Tx_Balbuzard

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    Have any of y'all ever travelled from out of state to fish YankeeCapt? It's slowly making its way onto my bucket list but figuring out the minutia of bringing all that gear on an air plane from Texas is daunting.
  4. Uncle Zeek

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    Just spitballing here, but maybe find someone who is local to that area that you could ship gear via UPS/USPS prior to flying out? I've done this for long-range trips out of San Diego - mailed my gear to a friend out there and picked it up when I flew in.
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  5. Tx_Balbuzard

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    I'm assuming you did the same going home of course, what was the process for getting the fish home?
  6. Dobhar-Chu

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    Hello all, I have pre-shipped rods and gear to the landings where I will be fishing domestically and internationally and they are all happy to receive them. They know me personally and I am confident in how they will be treated, if it's first time at the landing, a phone call is all you can judge them by.

    I often take advantage of Alaska Airlines oversize luggage rules and bring my gear on the plane. As long as you buy the ticket through Alaska air the remaining airlines such as american, all part of the 5 star alliance, honors the Alaska luggage rules.

    Alaska allows an 8 foot rod tube (Mine holds 8 big rods), tackle bag and real bag and it all counts as one piece of luggage, you get two pieces of luggage. If i bring a cooler I load it up with anything I may wanna bring.... candy... fishing stuff for the captains I fish with (Spools of Mono make a great boat tip). On the return flight, I load coolers, usually bought locally, but not always... load the coolers to 49 lbs with frozen fish and NO ICE unless dry ice in packages. The first cooler is free and the second cooler is 25 dollars....third cooler...25 dollars... yaddy yaddy yaddy 49 lbs and no ice is the ticket

    I put a strap around the cooler lids, I use the 5 day cooler with wheels and a handle and I bring back fish that way...

    Hope that helps

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  7. Uncle Zeek

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    For San Diego long range trips, I had a local fish processor take my fish for cleaning & packing (they meet the boats unloading at the docks). They shipped as air freight on Southwest Airlines. When I fly home from Alaska, I check the fishboxes as baggage (I think it's up to $75 per box with them).
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  8. tugasangler

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    I do it from Virginia 4-6 times a year

    I manned up and bought a truck and now 8-10ft rods get secured in the bed the rest go inside with equipment and luggage. Problem solved and I take what I want how I want when I want. But I’m not a pussy about having to travel and drive or carry my gear when I have to because I know it pays off for me in the end .
  9. Tarpun

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    The trip to Key West ( 425 miles 7 hours ) from home is no problem, I'm usually so jacked to go it's no problem. The ride home after 3 days of fishing and virtually no sleep is much tougher without some sleep before getting on the road. Never was a problem 25+ years ago:D. Having a truck, van or large SUV makes it nice to bring what you want.
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  10. tugasangler

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    You sleep 12 hours on the boat ride home. I also keep no doze in car for when I have issue and I only drink coffee to stay awake to fish if I need to I use that too however most of my trike I go on with my cousin who lives there so he does the driving for me usually from key west to ft lauderdale
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  12. Tx_Balbuzard

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    Yeah I get that but the hitch from Texas is twice what it is from Virginia, I've got kin in Richmond, but they're not much for offshore fishing.
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    Not sure how much of a haul it is for you. I drive down to the Capts from Jersey. On the way down, I stopped in Savanah and got a good 3 hours of sleep. Wake up and finish the push. On the way back, I drove straight through. Took me 21 hours. I'd much rather have the piece of mind knowing that I can bring all the gear I need with me and that the gear and fish to bring back home won't be lost by an airline or carrier.
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