WTB: Drag Knob of 20000FA

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  1. BrianHouston

    BrianHouston Junior member

    During my recent fishing trip with GPB, I lost the drag knob of my Stella 20000FA, which already I used more than 10 years, still perfect till that day. I've looked at many websites saying these parts are not available .

    I was wondering if anyone on here have a spare they would like to part with, or anyone know other year’s part compatible with that so I don't have to use my 2 fishing trip budget to get a new reel. I really like that reel, a lot of good memories.
    Thanks in advance
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  2. Darryl Goffreda

    Darryl Goffreda New Member

    My Buddy has a Broke reel seat on his 20000 FA reel is useless now.

    Ill ask him if he wants to sell.
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  3. BrianHouston

    BrianHouston Junior member

    Does he want to sell it ?
    Thanks for help.