WTB: 4 Aluminum Straight Butt

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by mbgfcFISH, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. mbgfcFISH

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    I recently had some rods stolen. Off topic but tired of having or hearing of tackle being stolen..

    I have 4 rods lying around that I'm trying to use and need the butts. Im looking for (4) straight short butts preferably looking for AFTCO, Stuart, or PacBay. Im not to worried about the condition its for charter fishing.

    I would be willing to trade tackle (mostly trolling lures, or make up a few wahoo chains).

    Thanks I look forward to any feedback and I really appreciate it 360 members,
  2. myretreat

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    I have a few but I moved and there in some boxes. will try to find them.

  3. buddyclaude

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    I have an slightly used Aftco 19 inch total length-all black - 1 1/8 diameter with rod blank fitting for a 13/16 or so rod blank; and an Aftco clone new in plastic 21 inch overall length - black and gold - 1 1/4 inch (or 3/16?). Not sure of model number or exact diameters. No trades as I have too much gear. eBay has some for sale....
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  4. jureal

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    You need to state the size that you need. Probably a size 2 or 4.
  5. gene duca

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    have about six black alun.butts,some aftco,some stuart, pac bay, for 30 and 50 class