Would You Eat A Fish That Gave You Nightmares?

Discussion in 'Fish Species and Techniques' started by Scuba Chris, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Scuba Chris

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    Today's Catch Was A Nightmare Goatfish!

    Yesterday i went to the same spot & spent the day there till nightfall & caught a nice Bluefin Trevally. Today it was storming with high winds & sporadic downpours. So i stuck it out. I used a Lamiglas 11' Insane Surf rod popular on the East Coast of the USA for Strippers. I paired it with a Shimano Spheros 6000 SW spinner.

    My bait was frozen shrimp tied to the hook using Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread. I spent the day under a tree with my umbrella. Then latter in the afternoon i heard the bell go off twice. But no run? So i brought the line in expecting a bait stealer took my shrimp. Turned out i hooked a Nightmare Goatfish on a BKN#22 circle hook. I was amazed the fish could swallow that!

    If you eat the head of this Goatfish (some consider it a delicacy) you will suffer from nightmares. I've eaten the meat before & it's delicious. But i decided to release it back. The fish was tired from being over-powered on such a big rig & was weak. So i resuscitated it by "swooshing" it around in the water (on the vid i almost slipped on the muddy embankment while going down to C&R the fish).

    Going fishing relieves stress & i usually will either release my fish or give it away. I was glad that this tired Goatfish sustained no damage & it swam off in a burst. A great way to spend a rainy afternoon:)


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    GARRIGA Senior Member

    Is that a squirrel fish? If it is. Grouper must love nightmares. :)

  3. HungryJack

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    PS. with all that glow tape on your rod,
    does it double as a traffic safety device ?
    Most surf fisherman don't want others to spot them
    on the beach and would never do that to a rod.
    Youtube fishermen, I guess know better.
  4. Scuba Chris

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    It's a goatfish.
  5. Scuba Chris

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    From your reply i guess you're the expert. I guess that's why the majority of Hawaii's anglers going for GT's at night are in error & everything they catch is a mistake. But i guess you also know that you can't see the rod from 25ft away since it's only luminous tape. Good to get helpful advise from those that know everything.
  6. HungryJack

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    No, not at all,
    just pointing out, that on the east coast,
    which you mentioned,
    surf fishermen do NOT use glow tape on their rods.
    Sorry that seems to upset you,
    but its factual.
    If an angler showed up with a rod taped up like
    you have, they would be laughed off the beach here,
    just sayin.

    Oh, and I didn't say it was an error,
    some people like to give up their spots
    or let others know when they are fighting a fish,
    they enjoy the new company that is about to arrive.

    Read any book written by a well known surfcaster on
    the east coast, and they will mention its all about stealth,
    don't leave the car near the spot, no lights used without
    covering their glow, etc.
    A rod wrapped like yours would be a Christmas tree on the beaches here.

    Things are done differently all over the world when it comes to fishing,
    some just have issues learning of this and get upset.

    Either way, continue on with your postings,
    or spamings on every fishing website there is online,
    see you everywhere, posting the same vids.
    All in the attempt to build your youtube channel
    so you can earn money from it,
    just another form of spam, IMO.
  7. DenisB

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    Never expected to see a thread about goatfish !!!!
    Goatfish are very easy on the gums.
    youngest has been catching quite a few up to 50cm/20ins on 3" soft plastic minnows off the rocks.
    9'6" spinning rod ,Daiwa ballistic 2500, 6# braid & 1/6 oz jighead holding a 3" berkeley walleye minnow or similar.
    Ha Ha .........no walleye in Oz but those Walleye minnows look like a lot of different baitfish species.
    Those goatfish eat really well.
    Plenty nof meat on a 16-17 incher to feed 3...............a 20 incher is a feast.