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Working in the GOM 2023

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Misc fish pics while working (about 100' above water, so pics aren't the best). I don't know all my fish species, so I'm guessing. Deepest I've fished so far is 12hr snapper trips.

April 2023 in Garden Banks block.

School of baracuda?
Water Blue Liquid Fluid Aqua

Bunch of fish near the surface. I'd guess they're about 3' long.
Water Liquid Blue Azure Fluid

Yellowfin(?) swimming in the big school of fish
Water Liquid Fluid Fin Underwater

School of yellowfin on the other side?
Water Fluid Slope Electric blue Liquid
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Thanks for the pix
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Sucks for this guy. Tuna blew up a few yards away from him after he reeled in his popper.
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