Worked Hard for Some TX YFT May 16-17 18

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    20180516_110929.jpg 20180516_111020.jpg 13550.jpeg 13554.jpeg 13553.jpeg Weather has been cooperating so we decided to take advantage of it! Luke (Reeltimeluke), Kenneth, and Joe (Astronut), and I headed out of Bridge Bait at about 1 pm. Seas were about 2s with a pretty decent swell. They were coming straight at us but we were able to run about 32 most of the way.

    Stopped about 75 miles out (water temp ~ 81) and trolled hoping for a wahoo but no such luck. Luke picked up a Bonito on a swimbait. Decided to try and jig up some AJ - with Kenneth managing just that, about a 35#er. I had a nice hit but she took me into the rig and cut me off – I knew we were fishing in close to the rig but hoped I could turn her.
    Headed out to the Floaters/drillship and trolled there for a short while with no takers. Started casting with swimbait and poppers and on occasion, Kenneth would jig a little too.

    We moved amongst the drillship and Floaters for most of the night and I might have the “exact” sequence of what happened when off somewhat – I am a little tired right now. Bottom line is we worked our tails off all night. Usually we will take shifts and lay down for an hour but not so this night. I laughed that our actions reminded me of Pavlov and the pigeons that kept pecking to get a food pellet under variable conditioning response. That was us!

    I finally got a hook up after about 2.5 hours of casting and quickly had a nice 80#er to the boat. But, she went under the boat, turned 90 degrees and out came the popper! PO’d. We all kept at it and caught some bft intermittently but not in the #s we had before (worked hard). Moved to a Floater and I think it might have been after 10pm when I got bit on a popper and this time we got a 60#er to the boat and in the fish box. That was it for an hour and then everything died… wind, current, and fish activity. Back to the drillship – nothing there after an hour or so. Back to a Floater and at about 230am I hook up on a swimbait and we box a 70#er. Kenneth gets a nice hook up and that fish is still heading to Mexico! Pow, and he is spooled!!!

    We keep throwing stuff at them as they bust and I get another hook up and slowly fight an 80#er to the boat and in the box. The bft we catch here are good size, 20# plus. The tuna are chasing flyers out of the weeds and we actually boat 4 flyers. I send a nice 8inch flyer out about 5 times and no takers! Amazing…

    Luke has a nice hook up and after a 15min fight the hook pulls. Bummer. Joe gets a nice bite and fights an 80#er to the boat. She comes to the surface boat side and I try to gaff her as she rolls and the gaff is not perpendicular to her and strikes a glancing blow off the gill plate. The YFT comes unglued and practically tail walks into the boat… while spiting the lure between Joe and I, another heart breaker.

    Tuna were going crazy during the morning bite but we only picked up one more yft as the bft were getting to the lures first. A nice ~85#er took my swimbait on the drop and Joe gaffed her and the last one went in the box.

    We headed in and the SW to West mild wind let us come in at 35mph. We all had very tired and sore shoulders and arms due to all the casting. 4 YFT, 60-85# and a 35# AJ. Another great trip on the water with a great crew. Tight lines to all and be safe out there.
    20180516_110929.jpg 20180516_111020.jpg
    Joe and Kenneth may have some action pics to post. Thx to Dfennen29 for forwarding some action shots of us on the boat last trip.
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    Great report Bruce

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    Awesome. You think that spooler was a bluefin?
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    That’s what I was thinking! They can burn some line off of a Stella! We chased ours 5 miles!
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    Got to admit...Bruce/Luke...when going for yft are the shit!!!..Their persistence for chasing these bad boys and knowledge is why we/they produce. For these, we freaking hard for them but kept our moral up, laughed a lot, B/S'd a lot but at the end of the trip...we made it home safe....oh and I almost forgot..M&M's baaaby!!!...LOL!!!

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    I'm chuckling reading this because we hadn't done squat and I asked Joe where the darn M&Ms were that he always brings (and I mooch!). I popped a few down and right after that I hook up and we box the first one. M&Ms baaaby for sure!
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    Hey Bruce this is Mitch,I fished with you once a long way back when you had a cat.
    I met Fred about 6 weeks ago on the scat cat. I've been working on remodeling my boat for 2 years but have decided to give it up.soexpensive. I could of gone on 20 scat cat trips with the money I've spent.please consider me next time you need crew.
    I'm aware of the expense,not to mention the work and am willing to pitch in gererously.
    I'm a good fisherman and have too much tackle.i am also self employed so I can go whenever (within reason). Tight lines Mitch 512-299-7284