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Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by jaredchasteen, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. jaredchasteen

    jaredchasteen Senior Member

    Hopefully the weather will cooperate and i can get out with tunachaser on sat. night. I am chillin in south florida wishin for good weather. Went to IGFA hall of fame today, and picked up about 16 9/0 lp hooks from a local tackle shop for a buck a piece. I wonder what those are for? :confused:

    Oh yea while i was at the tackle shop the dude behind the counter said his buddy was 7 for 11 on sails today and he was still out there, that was at around 2 pm. So either that guy has em honed in, or the sailfish bite is decent right now. I dont know which. Or he was tellin a fish tale.

    But i didnt come down here to fish for sails. But then again i didnt come here to fish, but i cant be 2 miles from the ocean and not go fishin.:D

    Oh yea thanks for the jigs TJ, I hope Kris likes em. And to Capt. Mike Ellis for lying and saying i am a good guy.
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  3. wacker

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    Go getch one Bro!
  4. DeepBlueGulf

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    Good luck on the Swords!!

  5. STx Fisherman

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    Sailfishing is at it's prime in Southern Florida right now.

    Good luck....and let us have some pics of your success!
  6. Sea Crappie

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    I don't think LP makes sailfish hooks ;)

    Getcha a sword bro!
  7. gman

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    The sailfish bit is absolutely of the hook down there right now. Last year we went 22 for 25 in 3 days of fishing and several time this year the captain I go with was in double digits including a 25 for 27 day.

    This time a year when the north wind blows real heavy you will find them cruising the top of the waves balling up mullet, herring and other bait fish. Easiest way to catch them is slow trolling 6 live baits of two kites in blue water over 170 feet which is generally about a mile or so from the inlet. Small reel like the alutecnos 20 high speed reels or spinners work fine

    The only bad thing this time of year is there are alot of kingfish cutoffs. Tight lines hope you do good the only bad thing is generally when the weather is good for sailfishing its bad for swording
  8. BretABaker

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    good luck on those swords......they're an awesome fish
  9. Bret

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    Go get em Jared.. I hope you found your ride..
  10. jaredchasteen

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    My ride has the flu, and i am scrabling to find a ride. The guuys off of sfc are awesome....many of them are scrambling to get me out also. I will let you know. The weather window is closing fast. If anyone on here knows someone to get me aride with it would be much appreciated.

    If i cant find a ride that just gives me awife window to go swordin with wacker or purhaps tuna fishin.
  11. bulllred

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    Hey Jared, if you can't find a ride for sword you are welcome to go out with me. We won't be doing any sword trip but since the sails are hot, we will try for them and some deep jigging.

  12. Ragman

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    Great offer An! I hope Jared gets his ride, but you're offer is a great second option.
  13. Bellyups

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    I hope you get out and tight lines!!
  14. jaredchasteen

    jaredchasteen Senior Member

    buoy weather is calling for 4-6 tomm. I am supposed to maybe go sailfishing with a guy named maurader1. He is avery good fisherman and a hell of aguy for givin me aride without even meeting me. The internet is the shit.