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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Bolo, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Bolo

    Bolo Senior Member

    Im fishing for Kingfish in South Florida with Deep Jigs. Do you guys use single strand wire for your bite leader or you go straight 80-100lb floro mono to jig? I figure it shouldnt be any different as a traditional Kingfish rig.
  2. papio

    papio Senior Member

    I use single strand wire and replace it when kinks gets bad. The 80-100lb FC will eventually have to be change also as cut offs still happens.

  3. Bolo

    Bolo Senior Member

    Since Im new to jigging I wasnt sure if the wire will turn them off. Thank for the info.
  4. cabosandinh

    cabosandinh Moderator

    multi-strand wire is a little more forgiving in terms of flex and kinks,
    you'll have to use crimps as haywire twists will not work

    I think the brand I use is Seven Strand at BassPro
  5. papio

    papio Senior Member

    Wire does not turn them off. Not here in the Gulf that I have experienced. I use 8-12" leader, sometimes longer and most cut offs are high up the mono as KM are chopping while chasing down the lure. Good luck!!
  6. bulllred

    bulllred Senior Member

    I use the multi-strands since there are many toothy fish here in south east Fl. There will be a lot less bite if you are using the strand wire in the day time so I sometime I would use 80 to 100 lbs mono leader and still get cut off. At night time, I will use only wire and save on jigs.
  7. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    For thoothy fish I'll rig a few jigs with a stiff single strand wire leader about
    the same lenght as the paticulair jig and rig in a pre made wire assist hook.
    the leader will be topped off with a dark swivel then attached to a mono\floro leader.
    No other swivel above that. Other macs will hit a swivel above the fish that is hooked. For live baiting or flat lining I'll use a longer lighter single strand that might kink more often. I try to always have a few, 8 or more, wire to J-hook leaders pre made when Macs might be found on a trip. I'll store on palstic
    hoop leader holders or wound up but not kinked in a quart size plastic bag.
    Of course stay away from cheap store made wire leaders with clasp and swivels as even if they don't fail they are to large and will atractt a hit
    above at the leader to mono connection.
    Pictures show the concept (although I can rig better this was what I had in front of at the moment.) Note when ever ataching hook to bottom of jig or below
    main line connection where split ring is part of the fish to main line connection
    use a good over rated split ring.
    Kings on poppers are a blast too, although it can cause damage to poppers.:) .
    Fun is fun that's why we do it..:)
    Hope you have a good trip..


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  8. Bolo

    Bolo Senior Member

    I make my own wire rigs. Thanks for the info guys. That is a good idea using wire for the assist hooks too Fishhead.