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We get a lot of King Macks here in Madagascar and a 6-8" wire bite trace is essential if you want to get your jig back. For my PE-6 rig i normally use 180lb single strand cable steel trace onto the solid ring for insurance against bite-offs.

Cut a piece about 400mm long and bend a loop on the end; i use my crimping tool and my E/Z Twist tool to do this; ensure that you don't make a sharp bend as it will weaken the wire.

Hold the loop with a pliers and make about 5 or 6 even twists and finish off with 4 tight turns on the tag. Bend the tag back and forth to break off; don't cut it or it will be sharp.

Make a bend on the tag end leaving about 150mm of trace and take a pliers and squeeze the end making a small even loop in the end to allow the thicker 150lb leader to pass through.

Now bend the end 2mm of the loop up at about a 45 degree angle so that the leader will exit straight; this is a neat trick.

Make a 4 turn Albright knot and pass the tag under the entry of the leader; lubricate and pull tight applying tension to both the leader and the tag.

If you want to change jigs simply take the split ring and assist off the jig and attach to new jig.


Mmmm i miss that jig; my YGK PE-6 broke on a big fish this past Saturday:(
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