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  1. Hey guys,
    What is the preferred winding shape for spectra on a spinner? In my stella manual it mentions adjusting for winding more towards the top for fluoro, but doesn't mention any other lines. I respooled one of my stellas just by reeling from a spool with tension on it and the spool was shaped more towards the bottom of the spool although the manual says from the factory it should be set for an even shape. I was just wondering if this is going to be a problem?
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    you will get less line capacity if the line bunches more towards the top or bottom. for line more on the bottom, just take out one of the washers and respool. some people like more on top but i believe that you will get more wind knots because the line has more resistance and creates friction as it comes off the spool. spool the line evenly and you should have no problem