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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Frogfish, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Frogfish

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    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of trying out wind on leaders for popping and jigging. What do you guys feel about wind ons? Ive heard that not all wind ons are made equally, so which ones do you prefer?

    Or should I just try and make my own?
  2. semipro

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    187, thats where you need the get it from

  3. pametfisher

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    30, thats where you need the get it from

    BHP Tackle makes an excellent product, you should consider it. You might also want to look at the ones we produce Streamline Leaders which are great casting wind-ons. Since I'm obviously biased, you shouldn't take my word for the ones we produce but I am objective about BHP's and have tested them extensively.

    Making leaders can be a rewarding, if time-consuming, hobby. If you want to go that route I suggest reading about my testing of Commercial leaders at: Streamline: Links. Seeing what can happen might give you some ideas.

  4. SteelingHeads

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    For casting / popping get the Streamline Leaders! There is nothing else like them. You will not be disappointed!
  5. Snagged

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    Are you using a spinner? If so forget it.
    I make some of mine and buy some from Basil at
  6. gman

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    Are you using a spinner? If so forget it.

    funny you should say that as I used to say the same thing for many reasons

    But now I would only use wind ons especially for casting. I was very lucky to get to test Streamline leaders by Pametfisher from the begining and let me tell you they are amazing.

    It changed the way I totally set up my casting and now I get more distance and I haven't had a single wind knot all season long. His leaders are made much different than any other I have used as they are made specifically for casting. I caught 12 bluefins over 150 pounds this season on his leaders between jigging in Cape may to casting in Cape Cod ...

    130 Jinkai for casting and 80 or 100 fluro for jigging
  7. Albiemanmike

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    The streamlines are the best of the best but if you are handy you can make your own that will work just as good. Nothing against Roger's product as it has proven itself over and over but when you are talking about $20+ for a single piece of rigging that is fleeting in this game i would rather make my own and save the money for stuff I cannot make on my own. It is a bit more work to make them yourself but I have taken fish up to 70" on my home made windon's and they didn't fail. I did have to invest in the proper tools to make them and these tools made the process MUCH easier and quicker.

    Kudos go out to Pametfisher as he has come up with a nice product that does what it claims to do and seems to be very popular. I only wish I could have come up with the design myself........:)