Will this Rod go with this reel?

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    I am looking at this rod : https://www.tackledirect.com/shimano-tvs66mh2-trevala-butterfly-jigging-spinning-rod.html
    vs This rod: https://www.amazon.com/OKUMA-PCHP-S...ocphy=1024352&hvtargid=pla-569496094070&psc=1

    To go with a Daiwa ELT6500\
    As well as an Okuma Azores z65s
    Both spooled with 65Lb Braid

    I Am going to use it for a first time Tuna fishing trip on a Party boat out of galveston. I am going to need to end up getting 2 rods. The first one seems to fit in the Specs and is $30 cheaper. Any major pieces of information I am missing or need to keep in mind?
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  2. bnz

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    I have the first gen trevala MH rods and while I like using them I would be wary of catching a fish over 50 lbs with it.

    If you are just getting into tuna fishing and think you’ll be doing more I’d recommend going to a higher class rod than these if you can afford it.

    Take a look at thrasher rods. You can get a blank for under $150 (will have to have a builder put it together for you) or buy one of their stock rods. I like my thrasher (tr-mf76h) more than some $800 rods I own.