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OK guys yes I'm new and have a bunch of newbe questions
SHE is a good wife because she also got me a Penn 8500 with 80# Power Pro
and a rod I never heard of before Trevala .The told her this would be a good set-up for YFT ??? The rod says it for braided lines 50-100# not to sure about that one .

1 how do I make chunking rigs
2 should I get those cedar plugs
3 what else should I bring
4 She does love me not sure why!

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Welcome to the board Jojo.

First off... She's a keeper. You are a blessed man. Congrats.

I use no swivels on a chunking rig. I just tie on a circle hook to my wind-on and have at chunking.

Cedar plugs are great trolling baits. However the Big E usually moves so fast that you'll not be able to use a trolling plug.

You rod and reel is adequate for casting topwater lures like Tuna Hunters and Frenzy Ballistic flying fish. It is not what I would reccomend for chunking to tuna.

Many of your questions can be answered by reading...

i think his wife is seeing some guy on the side and she is trying to keep jojo out of the picture. she is probably buying the boy friend gold reels and feeding jojo the plastic penns....lol.....rick

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Man o man,

I wished my wife would buy me fishing stuff. Instead, I have to hide all my purchases and not tell her about them or what they cost!

You can better treat her right and keep her happy!
Why don't you buy her fishing stuff for her birthday present and borrow them from her. :)
I have been doing this for years. :)

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Why don't you buy her fishing stuff for her birthday present and borrow them from her. :)
I have been doing this for years. :)

Ksong, that only goes so far. I once bought my wife a .300 Weatherby rifle with a Zeiss scope for Christmas. That went OK until she shot it two days later. It gave her a scope eye. (Black eye). Way to powerful of a gun for a woman. I needed it for an elk hunt.

Once for her birthday I bought her a tiagra 80W with a nice full roller tuna stick. Once again, it went over OK, but she was not thrilled. Another time I bought her a new color garmin GPS with maps. She wanted me to install it in her car so she could find her way around in strange areas. It ended up on the boat.

She got me back a few years ago when she bought me a fur coat. I couldn't even get my arm in the sleeve. She had a big smile on her face and said "I'll take it". I no longer play those games of buying for myself and giving it to the wife. That fur cost more than a new outboard.
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I have to side w/ Mr. Bill. I bought my wife a Rememington 1187 12 ga. Shot Gun when she said she would like to learn to dove hunt. That lasted until she had to pull the head off one that she only winged. I walked up to her and she was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, the shotgun was laying down next to her, and out to the right in front of her was the dove's body, and out to the left in front of her was the dove's head. She was bawling her eyes out and was saying,

"It just kept winking at me with those poor pathetic eyes,
I couldn't stand it, but I didn't want it to suffer. (Sob, Sob)
And I was calling for you as loud as I could, but you couldn't hear me,
So I had to put it out of it's misery, (sob) but I will not ever shoot another dove."

Oh yeah, she was really done. She picked up her gun, unloaded it, went and sat in the Truck, and has never touched it again.

Her last fishing rod and reel I bought her, I use all the time. But she said if I buy her any more fishing or hunting stuff, she will spend dollar for dollar buying what she really wants.

So I just buy it for myself now and don't tell her!
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