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Why snell circle hooks???

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Need I say more???:eek: Anyway, we were 4 for 9 this morning with a good snook, and 3 for 10 with 3 big snook. miserable ratio, but that pic says it all...


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i am a moron, why wouldnt a polamar knot have held? seriously- please tell me.
At least you said it not me skeeter, lol, it's not that it would not hold man...It would not have got the fish in the TAIL. Look at the first pic again.
there's something you don't see everyday! :)
cool! I see it. nice job!
I was shocked it stayed put, it was in the rays as you see. I had to belly grab it like a snook. I never would have thought it would have got him to the boat like that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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