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why I limp sometimes....

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SOme of you have asked why I limp sometimes... I have severe arthritis in my right ankle from being crushed. Along with a screw I should have had removed years ago... the screw was holding my bones together so they would fuse.... I was the passenger in this car, not wearing a seatbelt. It ran off the road and into a cement culvert... stopped the 65mph car instantly and put it end over end 50 yds in the air and landing on the roof. ...... have I met GOD....probably= but was unconscious until we landed on the roof.... He knew I needed more fishing time.. LOL...:cool:

this was before surgery.... aint pain pills grand!!! 2 weeks I spent wrapped up and doped up on pain pills so the swelling would go down far enough to operate.. tought me a valuable lesson that life is VERY fragile... and no goofing around while in a car driving down the road... No one else was hurt(stepbrother broke his nose on the steering wheel)
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Dang, glad yall were able to hobble (walk) away from that one... The Lord works in mysterious ways...
"The car ran off the road"? No driver behind the wheel I would have to assume by that statement. Why didn't you take control of the steering if there was no driver? That doesn't sound too bright, allowing a car to operate itself at 65 mph.:D
LOL!! The driver was turned around and watching me press the girl in the backseats shirt against her tits. I was amazed at how big they were getting.... LOL!! SHe lived down the road from us and always teased us.. wouldnt ever let either of one of us "hit" it....... she got a small cut in her right arm.
That indicates three idiots and a fast moving car. :rolleyes: Just be glad the car didn't hit an oncoming car.
I can remember an incident when driving in Detroit traffic. The gal who was with me decided she wanted a little sausage, so she leaned over and got some. Problem was my right leg kinda straightened a little, kicked in the dual quads and the switch for the nitro. (Not NOS, nitro-methane) Things got a little hairy for a few seconds as that particular road was heavily traveled at 5:30 pm.
I have tried to explain the "duck sausage" theory to my wife several times.... she just wont get it!!! LMAO!!! Now I just come out and tell her "duck on down and get you some..." of course I get punched in the arm!!!! hehe..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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