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Why I do the 60 hr Dolphin trip

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#10-The Pelican 48 hr trip doesn't go this time of year.

#9-I can sleep in my own bed, drive 8 blocks and get on the boat.

#8-As we come back and enter the jetties I call the wife and she comes out on the deck and waves as we pass the condo.

#7-She meets me at the dock and we load up the catch.

#6-I am home with my fish cleaned and iced by 8 o'clock.

#5-If I have a large catch I call some locals to help and I'm still home and doing happy hour by 8.

#4-I can take my tackle home, shower, and be back at the dock by the time the fish are unloaded and hung up.

#3-I don't have to travel somewhere and catch the same fish I can catch out of Port A.

#2-A 60 hr trip for me is just that, a 60 hr commitment. No more, no less!

#1-the real reason is my wife tells me to get out there and get some sushimi when we run out and I do as I'm told!
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The reason the Dolphin does a 60-hr is because it takes it that much longer to get to the floaters and back. While it takes the Pelican 9-hrs to get to BoomVang and Nancen, it takes the Dolphin 14.

If you were going on the Big E, it would get to Boomvang after your second cup of coffee! But different strokes for different folks.

A couple of my very best trips were on the Dolphin!

Etan, if I get a chance I will come by to see the boat come in!

Tom - DBG
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