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Why I do the 60 hr Dolphin trip

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#10-The Pelican 48 hr trip doesn't go this time of year.

#9-I can sleep in my own bed, drive 8 blocks and get on the boat.

#8-As we come back and enter the jetties I call the wife and she comes out on the deck and waves as we pass the condo.

#7-She meets me at the dock and we load up the catch.

#6-I am home with my fish cleaned and iced by 8 o'clock.

#5-If I have a large catch I call some locals to help and I'm still home and doing happy hour by 8.

#4-I can take my tackle home, shower, and be back at the dock by the time the fish are unloaded and hung up.

#3-I don't have to travel somewhere and catch the same fish I can catch out of Port A.

#2-A 60 hr trip for me is just that, a 60 hr commitment. No more, no less!

#1-the real reason is my wife tells me to get out there and get some sushimi when we run out and I do as I'm told!
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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