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    Is there anyone on this site that will be going on the 60 hr trip with the Dolphin Docks in April? I am!!!! :D My wife has given me the go-ahead to take this trip so I'm finally going to catch some big fish. How many of you salty offshore veterans are going on this trip? I want to pick your brains. I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I head out and I want to keep learning throughout the whole trip. As of now this will be a once in a lifetime trip for me. If I'm lucky I'll be able to convince the wife that I should do this at least once a year. Anybody feel like showing some pity on me and bestowing your vast knowledge upon me.:) I'm a willing student and I'm a quick learner. Besides. If I do good you will have the exclusive rights to brag to the whole world that your student, me, went out and brought home a ton of fish. Well maybe not a ton. Half a ton will do. So what do you all say? Teach me enlighted ones.
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    If you're doing any jigging get some diamond jigs and Williamsons Benthos jigs in 4 to 7oz. That should work fine for blackfins and chances are good that you will hook plenty of them. Work the jigs slow for yellowfin at night.

    Try to stay close to where the deckhands drop their big rig for for grouper and amberjack as they will grab the nearest angler to fight the fish. It will be a workout but if you boat the fish, you get to keep it. Good luck.


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    (1) Be well rested before the trip.
    (2) Don't drink any alcohol.
    (3) Find out which sea-sick meds work for you. (I don't use any, and fair good)
    (4) Take Clothing for all conditions.
    (5) Rest on the way out and when the boat moves long distances.
    (6) Watch the guys who are doing good.
    (7) Don't listen to the guy who talks to much, there is one on every trip, if you make friends early, he will wear you out.
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    Thanks for the info Papio. I have about 30 different jigs as of now. Everything from 3oz - 8oz plain chrome diamond jigs to chrome and gold hammered diamond jigs. Real Shimano Butterfly jigs and some knock-offs (the knock-offs look pretty good to me). Some topwater poppers, Rat-L-Traps, Flying Fish (4inch - 8inch). A couple of trolling lures and some mullet type plastic swimbait. I'm not sure but I hope that I don't loose too much of this gear. If I do it will take me another year to buy this much stuff.
    I totally agree with your list BFTMASTER. I won't be able to rest the night before the trip since I'll be driving down from Ft. Worth across the night. Plan on arriving around 2am at the dock so I'll get a little rest on the ride out until we stop to fish. I'm just like everyone else, if I see somebody catching more than everyone else, my eyeballs will be glued to him to see what secret weapon he's using. And I hope to be too busy catching fish to spend a lot of time talking.