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which tuna jigging rod?

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looking to have a jigging rod made. for ny/nj tuna
target fish usually up to 80 lbs. but sometimes over 100
usual jig weights 80-300g

rods im considering

saltywater tackle obx 300
black hole cape cod special 250g
or anything else you can recommend

i already have a dedicated popping rod
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Before you decide check out Thrasher Blanks a great blank for the price and made in the USA.
Thrasher Blanks

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Centaur Chiron 52. not Overkill on small yellowfin but can handle larger bluefin (100lb). Black hole 250 may be similar but I hear it’s a bit stiffer in the tip.
im more concerned with it working the size jigs i use correctly.
ive heard the black holes tip is a lil too stiff, and wont work the lighter jigs soo great
i also dont want a back breaker, but im putting the jigs first in this
Chiron 52 works well with the 80/120g streaker jigs that we usually use. Not a back breaker either
What style of jigging are you going to do? If you’re SPJ’ing then jig action is the main concern. I had most action Yo-Yo jigging for tuna over Slow Pitch and speed jigging. Yo-yo is super easy and always worked for me. No expensive jigs needed with yo-to jigging. Flat hammered jigs or sardine style always produced.

I've got a Penn Carnage 3 that I think checks all your boxes
mostly speed jigging. and the butterfly jigs to give the body a rest. is probably the usual
I know you wanted to have a jigging rod built, but there is a custom built Synit on 360. Synit is a great blank and built by Synit is a plus for perfection. I am a big fan of Synit’s. Most of my jigging and chunking tuna rods are factory built Synit’s.

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Without question the SWT OBX 300 is the best rod. I have used both you mentioned and the obx is far better. Take a look at the daiwa saltiga jigging rods. Great rods for $300
i was just looking at that synit.
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i went with the obx 300 conventional

now what reel to pair it with
currently own:
avet jx raptor
ocea jigger 4000
or something else?

will probably use 60 lb hollow core or 65 lb solid. i have spools of both. (diamond gen 3)
who buys into not using hollow core for jigging?
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Go w the ocea jigger for sure! Cortland c16 braid. I prefer hollow, as I connect my leader & braid using a loop to loop connection
I second the ocea jigger.
If you’re using hollow braid learn to splice. Chances are you’re not going to be changing leader sizes which would be the only benefit of using the loop to loop with the hollow braid
Which thrasher blank is comparable to the blackhole 450?
Which thrasher blank is comparable to the blackhole 450?
Just looking at specs and never fished the blackhole 450g. I would say the HTR 6'0 Composite Raw would be pretty close if you cut the bottom off making it the 5’2” length of the BH450g. Remember this is only going on specs. Rod action will differ depending on material and rod wall thickness etc. Look over the Thrasher blanks and click on the ones you think will be close and compare the specs. They list all the specs and how much weight is hanging off the tip for a little bit of a visual with the bend.

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