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which Stella

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I want a spinning set up for jigging/popping tuna in both ethe Northeast and the gulf (Venice & POC). I always use conventional and Im unsure about which size stella to use

Details: Fishing in the deep northeast canyons but also popping off Venice
Fish: Yellowfin, Bluefin, Big Eye, blackfin etc
Most likely using PE6 or PE8

Somone suggested the Shimano Stella SW, your thoughts
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20k is a 4.4:1 retrieve, and I prefer them for general use including both popping and jigging. The 10k is a 6:1 and to me is a specialty reel confined to "no line out" type situations that require ultra aggressive retrieves. These type of scenarios include GT's when popping and large AJ's and DTT's when jigging. That said I've caught plenty of AJ's w/ the 20k. The 10k also has a smaller capacity than a 20k, so much so that I would prefer not to use it for large tuna. If you really want a high speed retrieve reel, buy the 10k then buy a 20k spool for capacity.

Tom's right, the 8k is a nifty reel, and I love mine dearly, but it's not what I would reach for as a general purpose YFT popping reel. I've caught triple digit YFT that I wouldn't want to tangle w/ on my 8k.

Add in the fact that you'll be fishing in the NE and will target BFT and BE, and to me there is no choice at all: 20k all the way spooled w/ PE8 for party boats or you pick em PE8 or PE6 for a private boat. No way a 10k has the capacity to tussle w/ a med BFT.
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