Which OTI jigs and poppers for Big E trips?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Drifter, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Drifter

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    I'm on two 52 hr trips on the Big E this year and hope to schedule a third. I'd like to purchase a bunch of OTI Jigs and Poppers but could use some help on the style and colors. Target is YFT w/ poppers, and jigs for everything else on the Big E trip.

    What are the best colors and weights for OTI's:

    Jumbo Jigs

    Jager Jigs

    Goanna Cruisers

    Komodo Poppers

    Wombay Poppers

    I have Yozuri Surface GT's and Surface Cruisers in purple/black, and Williamson jigs in assorted colors from 5oz - 14 oz.

    Would appreciate any assistance. Thx!
  2. Bret

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    I would recommend a couple of each of the jigs..in different weights.. heavy for strong current and lighter ones if there is no current.. I have had good success with the jager in 400 gram.. Now poppers is your choice.. I havent thrown any to boiling tuna, but we have had some sailfish on with the cruiser and had one take a swat at the wombat.. I really dont think color matters as much as the action of the jig or popper.. I try to pick colors that look like the baits that would be in that location. I am sure some others will chime in on specific colors and styles..

  3. Minnow

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  4. tattoo

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    The willaimson and shamono (butter fly) jigs 7-8oz glow in the dark work real good. I have even had good luck with the glow in the dark 8oz diamond jigs. Have yourself a good selection of differnt jigs and differnt weights. As for the poppers tuna hunter, yummums flying fish in blue and red colors
  5. ALW

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    We will try some OTI jigs and poppers next week on the BigE. Will find out how they compare with R2S jigs and Tuna Hunters. Didn't get a big selection though.

  6. Drifter

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    Making my list and will give you a call tomorrow. I'm also looking for a jigging rod for an Accurate 665. Plan to use 8 - 16 OZ butterfly style and chrome jigs with this setup. Any suggestions?

    My thanks to all for the suggestions - appreciate it!

  7. Minnow

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    OTI 600gram rod will be a perfect match for that reel, but it won't be available until the end of May.
    if you are in hurry to get a rod for your reel, try Hopper rod or Sea magic rod.
  8. TOO

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    Just an IMHO, but you'll not go wrong with the Laser Blue or Purple colors on the Komodo topwaters. Solid color schemes there.
    I'd personally start with the purple if I had those two colors. The Green Hawk looks like it would be a good color as well.
    Again, just an IMHO.
  9. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    That Green Hawk is smoking.....

    I has been good to me :)