Which hooks do you use for chunking ???

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Muddskipper, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Muddskipper

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    Which hooks do you use for chunking ???


    I have gotten more than one answer, but I wanted to know, Why you like the particular hook?

    Also what your take on the Red (bleeder hooks) or have you ever tried the Blue Frenzys?
  2. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    I have only use circle hooks for chunking.
    Mustad 39950bl
    circle hook
    5/0 to 9/0
    black ( color doesn't really matter if you cut a pocket on the chunk and hide the hook inside)

    the reason I use this hook because it's non offset, so it's less likely to gut hook the fish.

    I have try most of circle hook, from Tankichi, Moruto, Daiichi, mustad, owners, Frenzys, Gamakatsu, Eagle claw and more.
    All these hook will work just as they are design for. The only different I found out about different circle hooks is offset and non offset.

    Offset circle hook will have greater chance of gut hooking a fish, while non offset circle hook have less tendency to do so. JMHO

    Btw. Frenzy circle hook works great on Frenzy flying fish too. See GEM05 report.

  3. mcgolfer

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    i prefer the owner ringed super mutu's in black finish in the 4/0 and 5/0 sizes. i am sure that tj is correct in that offset circles may gut hook a fish but i have never had an issue with that happening. being ringed also lets my chunk move more freely in the water and i believe that it is less likely to pull out during the fight....rick
  4. Capt. Mike Ellis

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    Any hook will work. I have used all of the ones mentioned. Use whatever you can get in bulk and cheap. As far as color who cares because it was already mentioned the hook is not actualy hooked to the bait. it is just resting in a pocket that you cuy in the chunk.
    Capt. Mike
  5. jedi243

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    Check out the quick rig charlie brown circle hooks(4/0-6/0). I prefer these as the come ringed or swiveled and they are non-offset. They are basically a non offset mutu.