Which belt should I choose?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Van Wildonher, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Van Wildonher

    Van Wildonher Member

    Between the Seven Seas and the MC Works?

    Things to consider:

    I do like the Seven Seas because I have a rod with a gimbal and one a rubber cap that I leave on. It also comes with a gimbal pin.

    I can get the Seven Seas now. Who knows when I can get the MC Works.

    Seven Seas can be used for both rods without having to remove gimbal pin. (not sure how comfortable it is using the side holders though)

    MC Works looks smaller, lighter, and more comfortable.

  2. gman

    gman Senior Member

    DONT EVEN THINK TWICE .. please do yourself a favor and buy the MC works best belt out there right now other than fishermans flat harness imho

  3. d-a

    d-a Senior Member

    Ive never used the MC works, but I know that my seven seas is the best for me out of the 4-5 i have owned.

  4. toppuntawong

    toppuntawong -- Tackle Ho --

    MC WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. gman

    gman Senior Member

    The MC Works belt doesnt ride your waist and you can wear it lower. It curves at bottom so it doesnt dig into your leg under load. On a scale of 1-10 on comfort I would give it a 10
  6. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    I own a bunch of different belts. Each one has it's ups and downs depending on the current situation. Right now, they're just dust collectors. My last ten outings have seen them left behind as I've turned into a 100% rod huki guy. They don't take up much space and you can hang it off a belt loop. You can move it from right to left or in the middle without looking down for gimbal placement. Besides, it's to freaking hot to even consider a belt. :D
  7. toppuntawong

    toppuntawong -- Tackle Ho --

    The MC Works belt doesnt ride your waist and you can wear it lower. It curves at bottom so it doesnt dig into your leg under load. On a scale of 1-10 on comfort I would give it a 10

    I give it a 10000000 not 10...:D :D
  8. egluck

    egluck Senior Member

    MC Works is great belt; although its the only one I have ever owned/used so I can't really compare to others. The pin is easy to remove/put in, just make sure you check to make sure you have correct setting before you throw your lure/jig out there.

    One drawback of MC Works is that the finish scratches easily but as someone else said about the belt; just consider them battle scars. :)
  9. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    mc works
    fisherman flat harness
    jigging master
    seven seas
  10. saddaharu

    saddaharu Junior member

    whats your build like?
    it will be easier if you let us know your build.
  11. Van Wildonher

    Van Wildonher Member

    5'10" 170 lbs. Skinny lookin fella.
  12. pametfisher

    pametfisher Senior Member

    I only feel that I need a belt for the end game. Even after the fish is on, the reel's drag is doing all the work so I'm still hand holding. That said, I like the Braid Brute Buster and Power Play belts. They're heavy and stay in place, suitable for rigging low on your thighs so you get leverage, and padded so that you can really lay into the fish during that critical phase. I own the Brute Buster and my buy a Power Play for bigger fish (what a dreamer, eh?).
  13. panamasportfishinglodge

    panamasportfishinglodge Site Sponsor

    Hey Wacker !

    You need to post a picture of the belt that you made and you forgot to send me one .
  14. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    There are a few things you should consider when you choose a fighting belt.

    One is whether primary purpose of using the belt is fighting fish or working jigs and poppers.

    Second is whether you use gimbal butted rod or round rubber butted rod.

    Third is the sizes of fish you target.

    Many fishermen use fighting belts as an aid of working jigs and popoers. If their target fish is just averager size, light and small fighting belt is desirable.

    Most of rods you use have round robber butted rods, you don't need a fightng belt with gimbal pin. There are only a few choices of belts with both cup and gimbal pin. If yu use exclusively gimbals or robber butted rods, there is no reason to choose duel purpose fighting belt.

    When your target fish is over 100 bls, you definitely better off with drop down harness/fighting belt. The bigger the size of fish is, the bigger fighting plate you need.

    I never used MC Works, but they are $230 fighting belt while Sevenseas's price is around $130 ( limted version is a little expensive).

    I like to carry varieties of fighting belt so that fishermen can choose based on their budget and their preferences.