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  1. red34

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    Where in Dallas would I be able to see first hand some of the equipment that you guys are using for jigging and popping? I'd love to find a place other than the Bass Pro's to see what yall are using rather than ordering blindly over the internet. I just bought a Saltist 30T and a rod, but I don't want to get a spinning set-up before holding some of the available rods.

    Also, is there a place to have my reels sppoled with good 65# braid without buying a huge spool of it, like maybe someplace that will just charge you for what you take?

  2. Bazztex

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    Get with Minnow here on 360 about OTI rods.. he can let you see them.

  3. feeder

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    There's only 3 physical stores I know of in DFW that carry saltwater gear.

    1) Bass Pro
    2) Cabelas
    3) Fishin' World (small store over on Lover's Lane)

    There's not much selection there and their spinning gear rods are pretty ill-suited for tuna popping.

    As Basstex said contact Minnow. People seem to like the OTI rods and I'm sure he can let you try one out. Is there any specific equipment you're referring to that you would like to see? Maybe some of the guys on here own such items and would be willing to let you take a look at it to help your decision.
  4. red34

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    I definately want to run by and see the OTI equipment. Those are the only 3 stores I know about. I wish Fishin' World had a little more tackle...I like going there and sitting around talking to those guys.

    The main thing I wanted to see was what you guys are taking on these long-range trips. I think I have a good idea, but I'd hate to have my gear set up incorrectly or not have the right stuff. Do yall ever have meetings where gear set-up, trips, and stuff are discussed??
  5. feeder

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    A few of the guys used to meet up at BPS to swap sotries, but you can post here and people will answer you fairly quickly as well.

    Minnow did a good tackle list for the Big E that I used as a guideline on my first trip. You can always bring more tackle, but start with this as the bare minimum if you plan to try everything the trip has to offer (popping, chunking, bottom fishing). If you have backup rigs you might want to consider bringing them although you don't need to bring everything in the closet.

    Let us know what parts of your gear you're concerned about.

  6. BretABaker

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    i would recommend OTI as far as jigging/popping rods go. their rods are very strong and very light. i have a couple and really like them.