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Regarding the red snapper fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico.....

Let's figure out a model that will accurately define the concentrations of red snapper in the GOM....(including all structures, including oil rigs). Defining the individual fishery regions...perhaps by state....would be the smartest move in providing data that can provide the best outcome.

Along with learning about the various fisheries of red snapper that exist in the Gulf of Mexico, let's concentrate on the issues that will eventually result in the best results.
Some points that we need to concentrate on are.....

I. Protect the snapper that are breeding. Nature has shown that the larger sows are the ones that produce the most....so protect them. Don't hammer me for this next comment, but....I plan on releasing any large sows that I catch in the future knowing what i know now.

II. Create safe havens for the young snapper....large reefs, or even numerous smaller sized "boxes" in the areas where snapper live to give the small snapper a chance to hide from predators and improve survival rates.

III. Educate recreational fishermen and headboat captains/crew on the best way to return red snapper to the water with minimal handling and proper deflation techniques, (i.e. puncturing the air bladders with small needle holes as opposed to larger punctures), in order to improve survivability.

If we become proactive in helping the red snapper along, there are two things that will come out of this effort.

1. We, (RFA members), will increase our credibility and define our dedication to the fisheries to the regulating bodies.

2. We will have more red snapper.

Let's hope that this recent red snapper episode has sparked a new approach in building our waters for the recreational fisherman.
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