where do i get oti rods

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by thenewkid, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    ive been looking around and cant find them where can i buy a 5'6" OTI jigging rod:confused:
  2. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Hey new kid.. click on the banner on the top of the page or go to
    360Tackle they have all of the OTI gear for sale there.

  3. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    thanks i went to oti and it says coming soon for a 6'3" guy such as myself wats better 5'6" or 6' prob 6 right
  4. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    IMO, it depends on what type of boat you fish from, smaller Private boat vs a bigger, head boat (and more people, less moveability).

    The 6' can help you keep the fish from rubbing the line on the hull of the boat.

    But I don't know if 6" can make that big of difference since you're 6'3"!

    Either one will work for you, but the 5'6" is a stronger rod vs the 6'.

    If you want to pull on one before you buy, come to the next BassProShop get together and I'll bring all 3 rods!
  5. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Stopped by FTU 45 south, this week end to pick up about $500 in terminal tackle to take back to Kuwait for some locals that fish for Grouper and Snapps.
    I noticed only 4 OTI rods left in the racks. The Popper selection also looked to be moving well.
  6. gman

    gman Senior Member

    i believe he is from the northeast and probably fishing party boats. the longer will give you more room to manuver around the boat when the tuna circles but the shorter gives you more pulling power I opeted for all my jig rods to be shorter, it also helps your technique if you are using a butterfly type jig
  7. newman

    newman Guest

    Just got back from the GEM 07 and saw this post. OTI Rods should be on our website by the end of this weekend. Feel free to call my cell 713-992-4146and I will get all the details on how you fish and help you make the best decision.
  8. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    word to the wise... pick up some swimbaits from Newman as well while you are there... they work!~ see my avatar...
  9. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    I just posted above to mention that the OTI products appear to be moving well @ FTU.

    It might be too early to say. But I was wondering if OTI and GrandDads plan to be at the Houston fishing show again this year?

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