Where are all the spinning reel rebuilds?

Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by rsieminski, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. rsieminski

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    I have more spinners than conventional gear, and they sometimes get dunked while wading, or kayaking, and need to br cleaned and regreased. Any tutorials on the spinners?
  2. alantani

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    the problem with spinners is that they change designs every couple of years. if would be impossible to keep up. from a kayak, your best bet is to get a cheap spinner. replace the drag washers with a penn washer that fits, grease it with cal's grease and go fish. if it seizes up, you can try tearing it down or get a new one. the cheaper spinners are easy to work on. just stay organized and you'll do fine.

  3. Staven

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    Get a ZeeBaas, Van Staal or a Accurate if you are going after big fish from a kayak. Dont have to worry about getting them soaked in saltwater, and the design on Van Staal has not changed that much since they came out. You can work on all three reels if you want and they are not that tough. ZeeBaas and accurate are the two newest ones. Especially ZeeBaas, it does not have long term yet to prove the reel. But Van Staal are great been around for while and I have no issues with my three. Niether with my Accurates, but they twinspin are alot bigger and heavier.
  4. bunile

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    That's perfect advice, buy cheap and throw them away, That's THE AMERICAN WAY !!!!