where aer the mangos ?

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    i will be going to poc. this weekend in search of the mangrove snapper.will be hitting as many rigs as possible inside 9 miles. can anyone offer any spots where they have been succesful finding any? saw a thread a while back but dont think there was a location. i have killed them in venice sevral times but havent found them in tex. yet .help would be greatly appreaciated captianmitch.
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    Which port?

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    Mitch ....

    Mangos and dogs will be closer to the top so when we fish for them we simply toss the baits near the rig legs and let it sink slowly. Probably not any reason to let it sink more than 30' - 40' or so but I don't know that to be fact. It doesn't hurt to toss some chum in that vicinity beforehand.

    Some folks like to use live piggies but I have never tried that. I use either a half a cigar minnow or sardine. Sometimes that bait is simply on a hook and sometimes I put it on a small white jig.

    Mangos and doggies will show themselves sometimes and you can almost sight fish for them. With a sharp eye you can spot them mixed in with the chubs and jacks that come up.

    Good luck and post up if you do some good.