What's your prefered hook for CHUNKING ?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Muddskipper, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Muddskipper

    Muddskipper Senior Member

    What is your prefered hook for chunking?

    Is it ringed ?

    I was planing on using the Owner Super Mutu Ringed. 5/0

    What are some other preferd barnds and sizes?


  2. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    The most important feature for a chunking hook is finding one that is non-offset.

  3. TOO

    TOO Senior member

    Skiper, there will be some Frenzy circle hooks for TBB 06 for you to try. Non-offset, and pretty blue and red in color.
    Also got a few packages of "big daddy" circles for the deep drop times. 8/0-9/0. etc.
    Frenzy would be pleased for you and others to try them and give feed back.
  4. mcgolfer

    mcgolfer Guest

    i use the ringed super mutu in sizes from 3/0 to 7/0 depending on the size of my chunks. i know there is a lot of debate over offset and non offset. i have never had an issue with the offset deep hooking a tuna so far. the quality and the strength of the super mutu's is great.....rick
  5. galveston1602

    galveston1602 Senior Member

    I personally like mustad demon in 5/0 or 6/0
    ( i think thats the size) they are about like your thumb size

    like most things fishing, there are many ways to go, most are what your comfortable with.
  6. bpitcher

    bpitcher Senior Member

    I actually have been using the newer red Penn circles recently. They're relatively inexpensive when compared to some of the other circles on the market. I really like them. In fact, so much that I've been using them on my bottom drop rigs as well.

  7. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    The red Penn (Eagle Claw) hooks have done well for us on the bottom drops but I've ordered a bunch of super mutu's for the tuna fishing. After a little reading and hands on they seem like the way to go.