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whats up guys

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Just registered here. Came here a few times surfing but had not registered yet. 2cool seems a little frisky on the moderator side. :rolleyes:
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Welcome. It's wonderful to have all you folks that live so far inland, but are as addicted to the salt as I am,& it's a little closer for me,since it's about 40' away tonight.BTW: if you need a good dentist in SA, I highly recommend my little brother, Wm Michael Copeland,off NW Military. He is a perfectionst, & avid flyfisherman to boot.

I get my annual work done offshore. I trade a dentist a fishing trip every year. He brings his 12 volt drills and gets after it out on the water. I don't let him use drugs or a needle, so I tend to scream a lot. I sit in the chair while trolling and he grinds and fills my teeth. It's a strange tradition, but I rather enjoy it. Pain is a good thing. He wants me do have a root canal done onshore but I will probably have him extract the tooth this spring offshore.

This year I will make sure he doesn't have the gout. He cut me pretty bad last year stumbling around with swollen feet. He also broke one of my favorite cape fear rods when he fell overboard and snapped it. I also won't let him have any booze before doing the dental work. He got wasted last year. My teeth hurt for over a week. His wife hates my guts as she thinks I get him drunk. Therefore I am considered a bad influence on him.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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