Whats the best braid out there????

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Gatorbait, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Gatorbait

    Gatorbait Guest

    Iam looking to fill my new Cabo 70 spinning reel up with some braid and just wandering whats all out there other than Power Pro. Is there anything better than PP? Also looking in the 30# range for chasing and jigging

    Thanx for the info
  2. hatidua

    hatidua Senior Member

    There are truly dozens of options out there (if not more) and one persons opinion will differ from the next. Try a few and see which work the best for YOU.

  3. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    tuffline xp will work
  4. paul708

    paul708 Site Sponsor

    i use tufline XP. if avail
    i dont know if its the best.
    but it works for me.

    i did just use 50# PP on my last trip, because its all the store had. i had no problem with it.
  5. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    daiwa samurai or boat braid. love it. pp is cool for 30 and under but i dont like the heavier stuff. ive had breakage problems and im super anal about tying knots. plus daiwa isnt coated.
  6. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    My two favorites are: Momoi/Diamond for solid core up to 65lb and Jerry Brown Hollow for 65 and lower. Their lower weight Hollow is affordable and the loop to loops are awesome. However, some say hollow stinks for casting, but I've never had any problem.
  7. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    the daiwa boat braid seems to be a pretty good line
  8. barbwire

    barbwire Senior Member

    I bought some stuff made by Cortland that is called Master Braid. I got a smokin' deal on it is how I came to be using it and am impressed so far. When spooling 130# there was very little residue coming off the line and it is very soft and slick compared to other lines. It's only made one trip but no complaints so far. I have also used Suffix performance braid with good success. Tuff line XP has been reccomended to me as being good also.
  9. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    ive had no issues with the tuffline xp pe6 casting to yft up to 110lb in the gulf and have also used oti pe6 in NC jigging ajs with no problems.

    ive also used pe8 oti lines for casting and they work very well.

    the daiwa boat braid feels and casts great as ive seen it in person recently
  10. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    I've had some problems with Power Pro, try Tuffline, JB, PE from Japan, or Stren.
  11. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    Try Daiwa Boat Braid or Varivas PE lines, both are awesome. I've had excellent results using both lines.

    APS sells Varivas PE lines:

    Angler's Pro Shop - PE Lines
  12. crazyjigr

    crazyjigr Senior Member

    oti, daiwa and tuff
  13. ToneyC

    ToneyC Senior Member

    Izorline, Tufline XP, and Daiwa boat braid.
  14. Gatorbait

    Gatorbait Guest

    Thanks for all the info, now i have to compare all the apple to oranges.:D I dont think i need any hollow braid but u never know. If there is any other sites out there that sell diff braid line. Hook me UP!!!!

    THanks Again.

  15. John_Madison CT

    John_Madison CT Senior Member

    Damn that Varivas is expensive line. I would really have to be convinced of it's far superior benefits to use it.

    My Bluefin spinner (Spheros 14000FB with many Saragosa upgrades) will soon be loaded with the 70lb Daiwa Samurai braid. I'll let you guys know how it does.
  16. titan05

    titan05 Junior member

    Here you go

    Spectra & Braid

    It sure is interesting to see what you guys like to fish on the Gulf and East coast

    See alot of Jerry Brown, Izor and Blackwater out here on the West Coast but as they say.....if it works for you then thats the best
  17. Bellyups

    Bellyups Senior Member

    I like tuffline and suffix. Tuffline is very strong and a little thicker and stiffer. I have heard good reviews of OTI.

    I am one of the few that doesn't like Daiwa boat braid (DBB). I had the DBB PE 8 (100pound) break several times on its inaugural trip last month. I removed it from all my reels that I fish heavy drags. DBB is very thin and soft, but I feel the break strength is over rated.

    Powerpro, at least when I had it, broke too many times. I removed all Powerpro from my reels.
  18. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    Yes don't use PP, I use Tuf-Line XP and Jerry Brown solid.
  19. John_Madison CT

    John_Madison CT Senior Member

    Based on at least 8 years of braid use, PowerPro has become my least favorite. I hear there's counterfeit product out there and perhaps this explains the low breaking strength. I've seen this stuff break well below its ratings. I used to think I had bad guides, or just abraded it more than other people, but in time the mysterious break off stories with PP came more frequent.
  20. SpecialK

    SpecialK Super Moderator

    I have had my issues with powerpro.
    I have been using JB and Izorline almost exclusively for the past 2 years. I haven't had any issues with either of them.
    I have decided that I would much rather tie a connection knot in an uncoated line also...

    I use hollow on conventional reels and solid on spinning.