what types of sinkers needed for the Big E 52-hour trip

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by fishingduck, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. fishingduck

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    Hi, do we need to bring our own sinkers? and what kind & sizes of sinkers we need to bring if the big E won't supply them?

  2. mcgolfer

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    rubber core in 1/4 and 1/2 ounce sizes for adding to your line to get your baits and chunks a little deeper at times. i also bring 5lb window weights for deep drops for groupers but you could also tie on 4 or 5 of the boats 1lb sinkers....rick

  3. TeamOso

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    5lbs:eek: :eek:
    And i thought 1lb was alot:D
  4. fishingduck

    fishingduck Member

    Wow, thanks Rick, I really can't fathom how can one fish with a 5lb sinker.
  5. Bret

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    5lb sinker + 3lb live bait= big amberjack or grouper..
  6. newman

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    You could also thread on 6 or 8 8oz egg weights. Don't forget to bring some 3 oz bank sinkers for the sabikis. The Big E only has 20oz bank sinkers and they don't like to give out more than 2 to someone but they will if they like you.
  7. Uncle Russ

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    I bought a mold for 16 ounce egg sinkers in order to make my own. I am also going to buy something to mold some rock-cod sinkers but don't want to buy a lot of molds. Would 5 pounds be the best, if I only bought one or something smaller. What would be best for a two-mold set? Say 2 pounds and 5 pounds?
  8. MrBill

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  9. mcgolfer

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    mrbill is correct
    drychum has great pricing on lead and ship really fast if your in the texas area. most of my orders arrive the next day. for the cod sinkers 3 and 5lb have worked best for me....rick
  10. ALW

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    The Big E supplies 16 oz bank weights. I used their weights the two trips I was on. Just tie on what is needed for the current at the time.