What to expect in October - Frances Fleet RI

Discussion in 'Charter Boat & Party Boat' started by meffaman, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. meffaman

    meffaman Guest

    Does anyone know how the canyon Tuna fishing is in mid-late October? Do they tend to turn back South at a certain time of year? Is it hit or miss just like any other time?

    I just got off a really bad trip and am dying to get out on top of some tuna!
  2. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    Id say save your money and go somewhere else.... Went on the 2nd trip of the season with them first week of sept and the fishing was awful... decent pick of mid size longfin and thats it absolutely no chunk night bite. not to mention no yellowfin of any size to be had period. Other than that cant blame the boat great operation and bunch of guys. Canyon tuna just blows this year.

  3. meffaman

    meffaman Guest

    Ok great, glad to hear from someone else that's sailed with them this year. I had a feeling Canyon Tuna just wasn't great this year.

    I'm turning 40 in the spring and my wife's given me the go-ahead to fly to where ever, so I think I'll spend the next few months planning that.

    I've really only fished once outside the area, that was down Islamorada. My buddy likes NC, so maybe I'll go there.

    Question about shipping the catch home? I carried a cooler full of fish home from Islamorada. What a pain in the behind. How do you guys do it?
  4. stresst

    stresst Senior Member

    Went on several fluke trips with them this year year and they sucked to say the least! IMO not the same boat as last year!