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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by uvbensmoked, Jan 5, 2007.

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    My buddy just bought a 30' Grady and were going to go out for some bigger better fish. On his old boat we usually go for striped bass and blues. Know that we can do some decent trips out we want to get into some YF and some skipjack or what ever we come by. MY question to you is what rod and reel should I buy. The avet seems like a real nice well-built reel. Should I get a two speed or is that unnecessary. Oh and I live in New Jersey. And I heard it’s not uncommon to come across some big tuna as well as billfish and of course the damn sharks. And info would be great thanks Phil
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    I would stick with the 50W reels and 2 speed is always good to have but I rarely use it unless I am having serious trouble moving a fish or gaining line when maxed out on drag. Given the areas you will be fishing and the possibility of getting into some really large bluefin, I would say go for the 2 speed 50w. I like the Avets but they are all very similar, avet seems to be smoother and of course is about $50 less than the shimano tiagras or penn int's.