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So I don't end up buying 1 of a bunch of different lures to find out what works, is anyone willing to summarize how to best work different kinds of lures and what action is generated? I ask this because I don't want to spend $300 on 4-5 lures and find out the action on them isn't what I expected. I should say I don' want to do that AGAIN :). Would be great if the manufacturers would just post videos of the lures in action in clear water, but short of that, descriptions by fishermen are best.

For example,

Smith baby runboh - this lure makes great S turns if you just reel straight, no jerking required. Best used on top of water (in my experience so far). Thanks to gman's posts, I bought this one (okay about 10 of them) and it has been hugely successful on YFT.

Souls Brabus - seems a bit harder to work correctly and get a bite. Great wiggle to the lure, but I wasn't successful yet with it. Is there a better way to work this one?

Daiwa slider - I thought this might have similar action to the runboh - oh no. Probably a fine lure, but I didn't get enough action out of it.

So help on lures like:
Shibuki (lipped or no lip)
Orion (bigfoot and crazy dog)
FCL Squidpen
Souls bomber
Any of the poppers


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I think with stickbaits like Daiwa Saltiga Sliders and Orion Bigfoots, you need to occasionally jerk the lure to give it proper side to side action. Straight retrieval is ok on lipped lures like the shibuki/brabus/bomber, but adding a few jerks will create even more erratic action to them. Of course you must pay attention to the size of the hooks you're using and make sure you don't use oversized hooks that would make the lure swim all messed up. Stick to recommended sized hooks and you will be ok. Bottom line is, experiment with the lure during retrieval and see what the fish will take, change up the game every now and then. :)
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