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  1. rhale

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    Just wondering what are some of your favorite knots for connecting 60# or 80# fluro leader to hooks and solid rings on jigs?
    I generally use the improved clinch and have had good results but just interested to know what other fisherman use.
    Also what are your thoughts on the Yucatan knot for connecting mono topshot to braid? I have been using this connection since the first reel that I ever put a top shot on a couple years ago but I had it fail on a big AJ last weekend and now I am second guessing it.
    Thanks for any info, Ronnie
  2. gimmedeal

    gimmedeal Senior Member

    I like the palomar for attaching fluoro to hooks or hardware or you can simply snell the hook. This weekend fished hard for tuna and did some knot preparation and testing beforehand. Came away very happy with a bimini and albright connect for braid to fluoro.


  3. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    I use the reverse albright for solid line. For serious fishing I use JB hollow and a loop to loop. A quick loop knot for spectra is a seven (7) turn surgens loop.
    For hooks the improved clinch works just fine.
  4. gman

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    You cant go wrong with a palomar knot to the ring, swivel or hook. It always tests as one of the highest breaking strength and is the easiest to make. I always make a spider hitch to make a double in my braid and then make a loop to loop with a pre made wind on. or if Im not using a windon I use teh uni to uni

    Salwatwater sportsman just had a huge knot test section
  5. awesum

    awesum Senior Member

    When you scroll down the page of this link you will see a rather simple knot the Japanese folks use.

    Anyone know what it is called? I'm having trouble interpreting the writing on the illustration....;)

    Angler's Pro Shop
  6. Uncle Russ

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    Before our trip, I was going to crimp hooks and lures on for anything 80 pounds and above. I took a diagram of the knot someone showed me last week (don't remember what it was called but I think it was the Centaur knot) and thought I would try that, but during the fury of the fishing, on Fred's advice, I used a Palomar. On the smaller tuna I managed to land (40-45 pounds??) I had actually tied a 6/0 Super Mutu onto 80 pound fluorocarbon with a four-turn clinch knot--old style, not improved. At the last minute, I bought several Shimano wind-ons at Cabelas because they were all I could get in time for the trip. I was a little worried because I had not heard anyone mention them but they did great looped to the J.B. On the other hand, Captain Eddie kept us on relatively low drag settings. Fred had warned us as we were carefully setting our drag in the cabin the morning of the trip: "Guys," he said, "you can set your drag however you want, but these captains will reset it right there in your hands." And that is what Eddie did. I have my suspicion that keeping our drag low and only a couple of us fishing at one time, was instrumental in the low number of pulled hooks and breakages we had.

  7. papio

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    I use the World's Fair knot and the Tuna when using 80lbs and up when tying to hooks, swivels, etc. Anything less I use the palomar (when I'm lazy) but
    mostly the Tuna knot.

    I like the Albright/Clinched Knot when joining lines.
  8. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    i have used double San Diego Jam knot with great success.
    Another good knot is double Trilene knot but you have to make sure the doublr line doesn't cross each other. JMO
  9. rhale

    rhale Senior Member

    Thanks for all the info... I might try somthing new on the next trip.
  10. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    What I like about the Trilene Knot -for 60# and 80# terminal connection- is that you only have to (or are able to) do 3-4 wraps before you cinch it down.

    TJ's right in that you have to make sure that you don't cross the line when you make the loop through the eye.

    Make sure you test your connection before fishing!
  11. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    above 60# I like to double crimp, below 60# I just tie a palomar.. its quick and works for me.
  12. lampukameister

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  13. Minnow

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    Welcome to 360tuna.

    You got a good eye, it's a trilene knot with fewer wrap.
  14. fathom

    fathom Lifetime Supporting Members

    I second the worlds fair knot, it's quick and has never failed me on 80-100# leader.
  15. Savage Rods

    Savage Rods Member

    I always use the San Diego Jam Knot. I can't remember one failing. Had line break, but not the knot