What is the best jigging reel?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Minnow, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Minnow

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    Who makes the best jigging reel on the market today?
  2. Argo

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    we would probably want to ask you that question. lol

    I dont jig so I dont know.

  3. xs_tackle

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    Who makes the best jigging reel on the market today?

    I haven't seen mention of the Tiburon SST's. Is there some reason they're considered out of the hunt?
  4. lite-liner

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    Minnow, have you fished w/ that Fin-Nor yet?
  5. Pescador

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    Mmmmmmm....:confused: ....depends whether your talking of a spinning or conventional/baitcaster (eggbeater or overhead in Aussie speak, spinner or multiplyer in UK/Euro).
    I wouldn't put anything I've seen above the Diawa Saltiga Z spinner range, but if I was going for a conventional I would first check-out the Blue Heaven from Studio Ocean in japan (cus everyone who's seen/used one raves about this reel).
    After this I would check out the Tiburon range simply because of the superb standard of their workmanship on a 4/0 Penn body I had from them when they first started up, its still rock solid after 20+ years of heavy hauling from 300+feet, I cannot fault it!
    Maybe you should also consider what type of line your gonna use?
    All japanese jigging reels (and rods) are designed for Spectra braid, PE in jigging speak. The spool standard of measure is 300 metres and if filled correctly this IS what they take, no guesswork or backfilling required.
    Check japanese shop sites and for interest their jig rod manufactures are worth a look. These feature rods under load, with specific rod angles and reel drag settings. If you've never seen them some are really mindblowing!!
    Many feature reels on the rods and these will give you more ideas to work on.
    Hope this is of assistance.:)
  6. DeepBlueGulf

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    I've used several different types of reels for jigging, an Accurate, several Avets, and different Shimanos. My very favorite of them all is a Shimano Kaikon 3000, and the 4000 I've borrowed was excellent as well. It may not be the very BEST reel produced, but it is a pleasure to use, it's relatively light, has lots of drag, good line capacity, freespools exceptionally well and is a good size to hold for hours at a time.

    It's never failed me and has caught me more fish on a jig than anything else I've ever used. JMO.

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf
  7. JohnJ

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    I like my Torsa 20.It's smooth,with lot's of cranking power.The Avet 2sp.are also great reel's.My mxl6/4 did a great job.I've seen reel's of all price ranges
    catch lot's of fish.It's up to your budget to decide what's best for you.Haveing the latest and greatest does not=fishing sucess.Just go on the Big E and watch Billy load the boat with a 100year old penn and a rod held together with rawhide and you'll know what i'm talking about.
  8. bighead

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    I don't know what's good or bad, just what I like. I like the Stella 8000 pretty well.
  9. Minnow

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    I hardly fish now days, so I don’t have much experience with all these new reels on the market.

    Xs tackle,
    Tiburon SST is too heavy for jigging in my opinion, just like Accurate 6 and 12. They are very good reels but just too heavy for jigging.


    The FIN-NOR OS9500 is for give away reel for biggest GOM YFT contest.
    No I have not use it yet, Txseadog has casted few times and we tested the drag too.

    I was asking for spinning and casting reel.
    Blue heaven sure is nice reel, but I have not seen one in person or know anybody that has one. I wish that reel is 2 speeds then I might consider spend that money. I am not really in the market for anymore reel at this moment, I just wanted to know, who do you think makes the best jigging reel?
    Thanks for your suggestion.
  10. MrBill

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    Who makes the best jigging reel on the market today?

    I don't think anyone will agree on one reel. I've fished my whole life and this was my first year to spend some time jigging. I think the advertising campaign that Shimano did on their butterfly system seemed to spark up the gulf coast about jigging. Otherwise, I'd still be dropping a heavy diamond jig now and then for grouper and AJ's. I normally use live or dead bait for bottom fishing.

    I got caught up in the whole jigging thing. I bought a half dozen reels and rods designed for jigging. God knows how many jigs I've bought in the last year. I really can't say which reel is best because I just don't have an honest opinion yet. I've used all sizes of the Torsa's, the accurate 665, and stella 8000. All seemed to perform fine. (They ought to because of the price) The weight of a reel doesn't bother me as it does most people. I also don't jig for hours at a time.

    My big problem was Kingfish. The kingfish were from the end of the jetties to 60 miles offshore this year. They love these new style butterfly jigs. They also have razor teeth. Lot's of lost jigs. Re-rigging with a 12" tyger wire leader helped save jigs, but the percentage of catches also dropped. I probably caught over 100 Kings on jigs. I could never reach the bottom for snapper, AJ's, etc. because of the kingsters.

    Ask me which reel I prefer next year at this time and I might have a better opinion. I need more jigging time.
  11. Sea Crappie

    Sea Crappie Senior Member

    50-60 lb
    Conventional: Accurate 870XNC (My favorite overall)
    Spinner: Stella 8000

    80-100 lb
    Conventional: Accurate 655HNC
    Spinner: Stella 20000

    I like to palm the reel when I jig, tough (impossible) to do w/ a trini30 sized reel.
  12. 50-60 lb
    Conventional: Accurate 870XNC (My favorite overall)
    Spinner: Stella 8000

    80-100 lb
    Conventional: Accurate 655HNC
    Spinner: Stella 20000

    I like to palm the reel when I jig, tough (impossible) to do w/ a trini30 sized reel.

    Me too, favourite:

    Conventional - Accurate 870N/665N
    Spinner - Shimano Stella 8000/20000

    Best reel maker - shimano, daiwa and accurate; for their functionality, ergonomic and beauty; best in all departments!

  13. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    Definitely, though limited experience to one trip, is:

    Spinner: Stella 8K or 20K!

    I used to jig with an SST 8, but realized it is heavy after a while. I LOVED the reel especially the automatic 2-speed transmission. The reel is built extremely well!

    But after comparing drag capability to similar sized Accurates, I decided, for conventional reel jigging, I went with the ATD 6.

    I don't mind the heaviness, I just jig not as long at a time.

    But I have to second the Kaikon 4000 because of what Tom said above and especially because of the line counter. It helps you maximize the time you keep your jig where the fish actually are.

    There may be some better reels, these are just the ones I've used.

    Kil will have plenty to add to this thread once he sees it!
  14. xs_tackle

    xs_tackle Senior Member

    . . . I went with the ATD 6. . . .

    What line wt to you use on the ATD 6 for jigging?
  15. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    I just got it from TJ and I think it was loaded with 80 lb spectra. Don't know.

    But I added a 10 foot section of 50 lb for the GEM which was the first time I had it to use.

    Hooked up with 2 fish, but both came unbuttoned.

    I'll most likely fish with 50# mono short leader or 60# flouro next time.
  16. ChrisW

    ChrisW Member

    Favorite reel would have to be the conventionals - OJ4000P,Blue Heaven, 655probably in that order. OJ & BH are very smooth, all 3 have outstanding drags and power. I tried the Tib QC 75XX and SST6 reels but they are plain unsuitable for butterfly jigging. I won't put the Tibs down because there are so many guys loving them as non-jigging reels.