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Just back from a week long trip to the coast so I thought I’d post up a report. Sorry but the camera was acting up so not many pictures. Started out with a few days at the Hotel Galvez for some mommy time at the pool and beach before wetting a line. I did stop by Islanders and got some tuna hunters but Chris was at ICAST so I still don’t have a jigging rod for the Stella. Also hit FTU for the first time, nice place and people but prices were a little high.

Russ had asked me to do a little work on his boat last Tuesday and graciously offered to let me take the wife for a boat ride. Cinda, Chad, and I made a short run in slightly choppy seas out to the 32's to look for some snapper but the place was already a parking lot. Did make a few drops and found the triggers were thick. Had some new diving plugs I wanted to troll so circled the area a few times and was able to pick up some smallish kings around 10-12 pounds. Looked at the map and decided to head over to the Primetime wreck. Had the place to ourselves so started making drops with whole sardines and up come several keeper snapper. Sorted through the throw backs for a couple hours before calling it a day. Ended with a limit of kings and about 8 keeper snaps. I was glad to be able to have Cinda out on a nice calm day to see first hand what we’re doing on these trips south.

Changed headquarters to a beach house rental at SLP. I had wanted to try one of these for a while and really liked the location. Walking distance to the car bodies and SLP Pass pier. Waded the surf at the car bodies and the water was alive with bait. Caught some trout but ladyfish and small bluefish were the majority of the action. Two buddies from work came down to stay for our charter on Friday and wanted to try the pier Wednesday for night fishing. Got out about 10:30 pm and the trout were thick under the lights. We had missed our chance to get live shrimp but did ok throwing various glow colored plastics. Chad dug a DOA shrimp out of the tackle bag that we left at home and gave us a good spanking with it.

Had our annual charter with davidsdeepseacharters.com on Friday. Chad and I along with 4 friends from work loaded up at 6am and headed for the 22 1/2's. First stop produced several keepers including a 12 pounder for me. I had taken a couple slappers for Chad and I but he kept getting the bait stripped. I guess he’d been watching those butterfly jigging videos over my shoulder and after getting stripped again started jigging like crazy. I was just about to tell him that they don’t work like that when his rod doubled over. After a good bit of a fight up comes a just under sized AJ. He made his next drop and repeated with another AJ. David made several moves picking up a limit of snapper and a half dozen smallish kings. Stopped at some weedlines but came up blank on the dolphin. Back at the dock David’s son showed up to help clean fish after just deck handing aboard the Big E’s 52hr trip. Was getting the Big E report first hand when Capt Frank walked up. Had a real interesting conversation with him and his view of the long range trips. Had a wonderful diner with the group at the Red Snapper Inn and called it a day.

Saturday morning Cinda was heading home and Russ was coming down. Ran up to Hobby airport and made the switch. Got to ICM by 9:30 and headed to Primetime to see if there were still some keepers there. Hotter than hell but picked up several before a big sportfisher showed up and circled the wreck a few times pretty much shutting down the bite. Hit the west 21's and the kings were stacked up. Caught our limit in a hurry but the snapper were not cooperating. Decided to move to the Sailfish and got a few more snapper before heading in. About the 5mile rig we realized it was raining cats and dogs on shore. Seas had kicked up pretty good so slowed a bit and by the time we made the jetties the storm had moved further inshore.

Sunday was a great day, a little overcast with storms in the distance and a little cooler. Decided to make a little longer run out to the middle 25's but after a long boat ride about all that was home were the sharks. Tried about 8 different #’s we had with similar results at each. Moved back in to the 21's and loaded up the kings again and a few snapper. A couple ling showed up and were quick to take a bait. Turned out to be just undersized so released them. One was caught on my new little Penn 550SSg spinner, good fun on light tackle. Ran across a weed patch and picked up a lone chicken. A nice ling came to take a look around but headed back under the weeds before we got a bait to him. Still pretty short on snapper and getting late in the day decided to hit the Primetime again. About 3 miles SE of the wreck in only 100' of water I spot a billfish at the surface maybe 50 yards away. Now I’ve never seen one of these except in pictures but it was pretty hard to mistake the dorsal and tall thin tail fin. Looked to be about 4' from dorsal to tail and I’m not sure what kind it might have been except that it wasn’t a sail. A sword or small marlin maybe??? I had two plugs and a jet head already rigged up on the 20's so made a few circles with only another king hooked up. On to the wreck and baited up the light spinner with a wire leader and a double hook and drifted a sardine while making drops. As soon as the spinner was put in the rod holder it would start singing. Picked up the best king of the day on it at about 25lbs. Russ picked up another undersized ling and the biggest lane snapper I’d ever seen around 3lbs. Chad got a few more keeper snaps drifting before we called it a day.

This was an awesome trip for Chad and I getting offshore four times in one week. Now it’s back to work and looking forward to the next trip.

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