What hooks for Falling Angel 300gram?

Discussion in 'JiggingWorld.com' started by JiggaPleez, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. JiggaPleez

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    Good golly Miss Molly, somebody finally fixed this site and it let me create and confirm an account. :) Tried before and it never would finish confirming.:mad:

    Anyhow as a first post, I would like to know what hooks are suggested for falling angel 250 and 300 gram jigs? I got some nice ones from Jigging World a while back and have not rigged them to try yet.

    I will be targeting grouper & snapper in 27 to 40 fathoms.
  2. jon holsenbeck

    jon holsenbeck Well-Known Member

    I have a 200 and a 250g falling angel. I put assist hooks top and bottom on the 200g and used a 2cm on the top and a 1cm on the bottom. The 250g jig should take a 2 cm on top and a 2 cm on the bottom.