What Do You Do with a Whole Cow?

Discussion in 'Food and Recipe' started by DanS, Feb 20, 2009.

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    First you call everyone you know to have a feast. Then you sharpen your 48" filet knife. Then you fire up the smoker and vacuum sealer. Then you do the math on how much mercury you can have everyday.

    I eat as much as I can fresh, then smoke the rest. Smoked tuna salad is unbelievable, and mix some flaked up tuna with egg and bread crumbs, roll into balls or pat into cakes. Gastro Orgasim!!

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    Sashimi block party with lots of sake n saporo..bombs away!!!
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    most of it is traded right at the dock for canned, I always do my own with jollypenyo. Last for years in the cabinet.
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    I wish I could have that problem!!
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    What does one do with such larger amount of fish?

    If you can eat your tuna in 24 hours the trip is free.:D

    This offer was made to me a couple of times from a friend. The tuna was around 115 pounds. No puking allowed. :eek: I tried but failed both times. :mad: It's very hard to eat more than 8 pounds of fish in one sitting.

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    8 pounds!! Holy sashimi!! Gone crazy 'bout some mercury.
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    It's very hard to eat more than 8 pounds of fish in one sitting.
    I thought 8 lb tuna was Cow Tuna ...?????
    I am now afraid that my goal to catch Cow Tuna @ 10 lb will not be valid.
    I might need heavier tackle.
    Any suggestions on tackle for 10 to 12lb Cow Tuna??:confused:

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    I said one sitting. There are 24 hours in a day. If you sit down six times in that 24 hour period, you have packed down 48#'s. All that mercury will make yours jaws lubricated. The problem is stomach space. A good cheer leading squad is also helpful.:D

    I bet you could pack down at least 40#'s of fish in a 24 hour period if the price was right. All bottom feeders will do incredible things for money.:) :)

    There is a steak house in San Antonio called the Barn Door. Years ago, they have a 72 ounce sirlon steak. If you ate the whole thing with all the trimmings, (salad, baked potato, rolls) it was free. Less than one percent of people who attempted it, failed. That big boy wasn't their best quality of beef. I tried it three times. Chewing that tough sirlion was a jaw breaker. I did get it free one time mainly because of a bet. They don't have that beast on the menu anymore. The biggest steak I've seen on a menu lately, is the 48 ounce porterhouse at Morton's.
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    give it away
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    i eat a lot at first, vacuum seal a little. give some away. then the majority of it i have a business deal with a colleague of mine.hahaha. do what you gotta do to lessen the stress on the bank account that generally occurs with tuna fishing.
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    To address the post that is alot of fish to take care of. But I suspect this is
    not a daily event. Then for me is the same to harvest an Elk or Moose.

    But to get back to eating... I am not as good as I once was. I used to
    eat the big end of a Brisket while serving the prime cuts to the table.
    Same with ribs, turkey, ect.. If I cook all day or start the night before.
    I'm eating and eating. When food is served I was done..
    The most sefood deals where shrimp boils, Kegs and cases of beer and
    100's lbs of shrimp in my 20's because we could. In the 90's crawfish where ate the same way except with gallons of Crown Royal.
    And still are...
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    can it

    That canned tuna beats the cat food that you buy in most tin cans by a WIDE margin. Plus it keeps very well without refrigeration. I serve it at all work and family pot luck dinners to rave reviews.
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    You can exchange it right at the dock for can or smoked. Also there are services at the dock that can filet your catch and freeze it. It will be ready for you the next day.