What braid are we using?

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  1. Feldguy

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    I always have used sufix 832, despite it being thicker and not the most current superline.

    I tried the Centaur Villain as well and it's great but I can't say it's that much more remarkable than fireline or yozuri.

    That smoke fireline is cool looking, too.
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  2. a1flyfishr

    a1flyfishr Retired Member

    I’ll be restockIng my braid soon and looking for 1200m spools of PE1.5, PE2, PE2.5, PE3 and PE4. I’ve been using Sunline Jigger ULT4 with great results but it seems hard to come by this time. So I’m open for suggestions? Would love a sample of the Fireline and/or Yo-Zuri you mentioned.


  3. FalconerRods

    FalconerRods Junior member

    I have white 20# and blue 30# Yo Zuri...also have 14 lb. and 20 lb. Fireline. shoot me your address and I'll mail you some.
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  4. a1flyfishr

    a1flyfishr Retired Member

    PM’d Thank you!
  5. Tidetraveller

    Tidetraveller Senior Member

    I’m about to re-spool my SPJ reels for an up coming YC Pulley Deep Drop trip, what are you guys using for dropping jigs dow to 750-800’?

    Been using JB 30# but I’d like to see if I can drop the diameter a little to help get lighter jigs down deep.
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  6. JPW01

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    I’ve only used JB, but for some reason it’s gotten very expensive or harder to find. Following!
  7. ReelMe

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    I can’t begin to count the number of guys I’ve personally fished with, as a result of 360. Many branches have extended
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  8. Darryl Goffreda

    Darryl Goffreda New Member

    I like Diawia Boat Braid for jigging and Jerry Brown for casting
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  9. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    Basil at bhptackle.com always has JB in stock. If you tell him what reel you have and what lb test you want he'll sell you just the amount for your individual reel. He'll also spool it for you if you send it in to him.
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  10. hafnor

    hafnor Senior Member

    i also go for daiwa 8 strand j braid-Never had failure on that line. nice with meter counter to mark fish bite aswell. soft and round, easy to tie. And cheap compared to high end lines
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  11. JPW01

    JPW01 Junior member

    Yep, I just got my braid from BHP. He’s still the most competitive price wise. I used to be able to find JB at tackledirect and combine shipping, but the prices shot thru the roof for JB.
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  12. Salty Bones

    Salty Bones Well-Known Member

    Basil is a Master at his trade. The best I've ever come across and an awesome gentleman! I'm very thankful for people like him!!