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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by hamptonsurf, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. hamptonsurf

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    I know most of you are into the jigging and popping (seemingly exclusively) but I also know many of you are big on specilized bags etc for your gear. I have a load of 16-28 oz bank sinkers that I use for deep cod fishing and also for tuna live/dead bait weights. However, they roll around in the floor boxes and make the bucket I was keeping them in slide around the deck. Any suggestions for a way to store 20 or 30 big bank sinkers?
  2. BretABaker

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    i dont keep anything more than 8oz for tuna chunking in the canyons. id rather put 3 on than keep a 24oz bank. with the 8 oz i can keep it in a normal plano box and put it in a tackle bag.

    for cod - i just throw a handful of monster banks into a pocket of aforementioned bag or any other bag i bring on board.

  3. feeder

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    If they're in the bucket you can try some of that rubber shelf liner underneath to try and keep it from sliding on deck. It's pretty good stuff, but I'm not sure how it will handle up to 50lbs of weights.
  4. Grescobia

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    Get you some metal ammo boxes at the army navy store and line them with the rubber shelving.mats. Just dont get caught removing them if you have them on you kitchen shelves .I did and the woman wasnt happy.