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Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by Bret, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Bret

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    Well, I had come down with the sinus thing the past couple of days. Felt like crap but wanted to hunt. So I cut loose friday afternoon and arrived at 5.45 pm just enough light to grab my gun and head to the edge of the draw and still have a few minutes of light. Well, I didnt see anything but was text messaging my buddy, who was over on the other side place. He hadnt seen anything either, then I hear him shoot and he had a big pig down . Went and loaded this big calico sow, probably around 200lbs, gutted and hung her up for the night. Sat morning we were in the stand by 6am. I was hunting the same stand where I saw the big boy that I missed opening weekend.
    I saw a couple of small bucks cross the same area. then I saw the big boy.He
    was hot on the trail of a doe. I rattled and grunted a bit, then some of the smaller bucks came out in the road to eat. I watched them for a while and about 100yrds on the other side of them, big boy came across again. The bucks were getting real nervous, and I figured bigboy was about to run these guys off, I got my gun up and sure enough I see a fairly wide rack. I thought it was him, I squeezed one off and I knew it was a good hit. I walked over to where I had shot him and not a drop of blood anywhere. Dang. I started second guessing myself.. I looked in the direction where he had run off and there he was not 15yrds away, but it was not the big one I had missed opening weekend. Still a decent deer for our area, but not the one.... He has an outside spread of 17in. I havent scored him yet, but probably low 100's. Got him loaded and cleaned... and let him hang for a couple of hrs before quartering. I decided to hunt the wheat field for the evening hunt( thats where the pigs have been coming out.) but didnt see anything on our place but cows and twin button bucks. I could however, see into our neighbors wheatfield about 600yds away.. In that wheat field I saw 15deer ,1 was a nice buck, 34 pigs and some cows. We went back to camp after dark, and I saw a cat at the gut pile. Bob says its one of his neighbors barn cats.. I knew it was a nice Bobcat. Well I get my flashlight and ease over there and sure enough a big fat Bobcat. So I hold the light and Bob lays it over. The largest bobcat I have ever seen.Bagged up and on ice for the taxidermist.. We still have the twin to the sow that bob shot and 3 small pigs in the trap. I guess Bob will feed and water them until he feels like loading them up to haul to the sale, Because we just really didnt want to clean any more hogs.. That brings the pig count up to 27 for the year...
    I had to be home early this morning for inventory at one of my stores, so thats my story. Looking forward to hunting my place in Blanco over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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  2. Pope

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    You guys had a great weekend. Sounds like there are more deer this weekend than last. We really need to declare war on those pigs after deer season.
  3. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    You guys have a fine weekend. Sounds like there are more deer this year than last. We need to declare open war on those pigs after duck season.

  4. Bret

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    Brandon, we are having a pig killin party the weekend of dec 8-10. Its Betsi's girlfriends birthday so we will hunt friday night and sat morn.. then have party sat night. let me know if you can make it.
  5. Snagged

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    Sounds like a very good weekend. That is a nice bobcat!
  6. newman

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    Thanks for the report and pics Bret!
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    Nice bobcat. Sounds like you guys have a pig problem. They tear up everything and eat all the turkey eggs. Start killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bobs new name is "dances with pigs"...lol. Some sweet kills!! Nice cat- gonna make a good trophy, just need a couple quail to make a neato action-type mount...